The three finger salute cup set

CtrlAltDelete Cup Set 3 Sophisticated Ctrl Alt Delete Cup Set from ThinkGeek.jpeg Rationalizing this $10 purchase at ThinkGeek meets an early hurdle in the fact that I have a square mug already (an early unrounded version of the legendary Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate mug) and am well aware that it is the worst shape for a mug, even worse than triangles (whereby the sharp angles form useful spouts) and perhaps good only for holding nuts. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set [ThinkGeek]


  1. Between this and the low poly coffee mug (#9 from Designing and 3D printing 30 coffee cups in 30 days), buying awesomely geeky new mugs is starting to look fairly inevitable

  2. I always thought square mugs were better…good sides for gripping and drink out of the corner. The aesthetic factor is a plus as well!

  3. Now if ThinkGeek and similar shops didn’t have so ridiculous shipping rates to overseas…it’s almost always the deal breaker.

  4. Terrible design for coffee, but as liquer or shot glasses they would be the perfect antidote to an awkward or tense social situation: “Here’s some booze, now let just CtrlAltDel, y’all!”

  5. Yeah, third/fourth the “cool for alcoholic beverages.” My first thought was these would be good for Sake since you’re supposed to spill a little, but the size of the cups would hold too much Sake at once since you’re supposed to have small cups & fill your neighbors cup every time it gets low.

  6. That you believe square cups are good for holding nuts makes me question your anatomy.

  7. Years ago an engineer that did development work on first wire wrapped IBM-PC hardware prototype and BIOS, came and talked to our ASIC design class at NC State. Apparently the ctrl-alt-del sequence was inspired by the classic Star-trek Vulcan death grip.

  8. anybody else noticed the square-ish shot glass Deckard uses in one scene in Blade Runner? okay, anybody else obsessed about finding a period copy of those things? i refuse to believe they were custom one-off props created for the film alone; somewhere out there, there HAS to be a set…

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