Wiki Seat: here's a structural support, make a stool

Nicolas Weidinger, one of our summer interns at Institute for the Future, created Wiki Seat last year as an industrial design project at Ohio State University. He designed a simple welded steel central structural support for a three-legged-stool (image left). Then he built and sold or gave away several hundred of them to a variety of folks and encouraged them to make their own legs and seat. Some of the results are terrifically creative and strange! Wiki Seat


    1. Something you should never say when you take a date to a bar: May I push your stool in for you?

  1. How can I get one of these catalysts? We make cane & rush seats. I’d love to make a seat based on one of those things!

    1. allybeag, The guidelines for making catalysts are up on instructables. If you dont have a welder then can help with that.

      Alternatively I have an extra catalyst that I could send your way :)

    1. Yep the spam is totally out of control. If anyone wants to help fix this issue that would be awesome!

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