YMCA commemorative table made from 100+ "significant objects"

The Dressler brothers created this amazing commemorative table for the YMCA of Canada, integrating more than 100 "significant objects" donated by nationwide YMCA associations into its design. I really dote on this kind of assemblage of sentimental stuff -- it makes the whole thing feel like the product of some kind of spell. Compare with the wonderful Six-String Nation.

Commemorative Table for YMCA Canada by Brothers Dressler (via CribCandy)


  1. In regards to the history and purpose of the founding one must take into account that this “organization and its female counterpart (YWCA) were established to provide low-cost housing in a safe Christian environment for rural young men and women journeying to the cities.”
    from https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Ymca
    This is partly how my (non-Christian) mother was able to afford university in Chicago, in the mid 60’s she had a room with just enough room to partly open the door bumping into the bed. Now North American cities mostly prohibit such affordable micro-housing.

    I wish I still had something from my YMCA preschool or science camp days worthy of this exhibit. I suppose firing off the drychem extinguisher in the bathroom on my last day of preschool left a memory in Mrs. Yahnkis mind though, I wonder if she is even still alive.

    1. And now people like me (who didn’t know the history of the YMCA) pretty much only associate the YMCA as a glorified cheap neighborhood gym. There are sports courts, a pool, workout areas & at mine, a place to give blood to the Red Cross. I’ve never taken a class at the Y, but I’ve seen the facilities when I go to give blood. Huh. The more you know!

  2. this is about the table people. which is quite an incredible design, if i may say so…

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