Friday Freak-Out: The Electric Prunes' "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" (1967)

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Friday Freak-Out: The Electric Prunes perform "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)," from on The Mike Douglas Show, April 10, 1967. The song is included on the group's Rhino compilation, "Too Much to Dream - Original Group Recordings: Reprise 1966-1967."


  1. Mike Douglas, say what you will about him, but he always had such an interesting cross-section of guests… He hosted John and Yoko for ONE WEEK, and all the guests for that week were people like Chuck Berry and George Carlin, folks the Onos could relate to.

    Mike also had M.L. King as a guest, a variety of political people, and I remember an amazing amount of “old Hollywood” types like George Raft, Gloria Swanson, even Moe Howard in one of his last appearances. It was quite the show in the late ’60s-early to mid ’70s.

  2. 99.. gawd she was hot back in the day.

    Not a fan of these sorts of ‘performances’ , let them play live and go with that.

  3. This is terrific!1There are so few good videos, where you can see the lip-synching band was ready to rip the audience up with a live performance. These guys look like they’re holding a lot back, just to be on TV.

  4. Mike Douglas was such a sleazy opportunist, but, as noted before, his guest list was glorious.

    Agent 99… ow, u make it hurt soo good momma!

    Say looking at the lead lip-syncer, are really sure where George Bush was then? Creepy.

    I wonder how much grass the drummer smoked before the taping, the bassist looked pretty out of it too.

    The special effects. Take a middle aged Ohio television tech ordered by Mr. Douglas to make the shots ‘hip.’ Throw an oscilloscope over it for the win.

  5. Of course love Nuggets..all of them! And thanks for posting…BTW RIP Mark Tulin, Prunes Bassist :-(

  6. Cute, but of such poor quality I would prefer a link to a soundtrack of better quality!

  7. April 10, 1967
    Star: Mike Douglas Host
    Co-host: Barbara Feldon
    The Electric
    Marty Ingels
    Chris Calloway
    Cab Calloway

    It does look like Bruno Kirby and I thought Fred Travalena. Unforunately it Marty Ingels.

  8. The flatulence version:

    I woke this morning to a cold and empty bed
    My nose assaulted by an odor of the dead
    The bed was empty where my lover used to be
    And then another fart escaped from me-eee..
    [bang bang bang]
    Came the dawn
    And s/he was gone
    S/he was gone gone gone…
    [bang bang bang bang bang]
    I ate too many beans last night
    I ate too many beans
    I’m not willing to face the light
    I ate too many beans
    Last night…

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