Gallery of 1970s sticker art

JasonLiebig, a prolific sticker and packaging collector, has a set of miscellaneous 1970s sticker scans ("All kinds of stickers!") as part of his Flickr account; the artwork's amazing, and he's got great notes on each one.

All kinds of stickers! (via IZ Reloaded)


  1. Wow! So many stickers I remember from my childhood.

    I remember how much I loved the STP stickers more than any other. They were of the sturdiest construction, you could feel the embossing of the letters, and they gave off a smell that was ten times more intoxicating than a mimeographed sheet.

    Of course, now that I know about off-gassing, sniffing stickers when I was a kid might not have been such a good idea…

  2. From Popular Mechanics, April 1973:
    “YOU NEED A LOT OF BREAD to go racing. The secret to winning races, according to some competitors, is not cubic inches but cubic money! Wonder Bread, made by ITT-Continental Baking, is supplying the dough for a pair of Funny Cars that’ll be running the drag strips this season. The ‘Wonderwagons,’ on Vega panel trucks, are powered by Ed Pink-prepared Chryslers displacing 494 cu. in. and churning up 1500 horsepower on 92 percent nitro fuel. Quarter-mile speeds should be in the range of 220-mph range. Any way you slice it, that will be real competition for the Funny Car Eliminators”

    Yeah, if the driver isn’t reduced to toast.

  3. Reminds me of some of the ads for T-shirts that I’d see in comics in the seventies. There would be some pretty innocuous designs (Rat Fink hot rods, R. Crumb’s “Keep On Truckin'”) mixed in with raunchier stuff (the Playboy logo, pot leaves, that two-feet-pointing-down-in-between-two-feet-pointing up thing that I was too young to know that it indicated people having sex in the missionary position).

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