Plot Device: a filmmaker's fondest dream and worst nightmare

When an aspiring filmmaker adds a "Plot Device" to his Amazon shopping basket, he doesn't realize that he's just upended his life with a box that transports him from one action scene to another. It's a great, funny, exciting short film, and a clever way to advertise a low-cost video-effects package.

"Plot Device," a nine minute short film directed by Seth Worley, and executive produced by Red Giant's own Aharon Rabinowitz. Aharon and Seth co-wrote the film, working together in close collaboration throughout the project. Plot Device was created to demonstrate first hand the high caliber work that can be created when using Magic Bullet Suite 11, even on a limited budget.
Plot Device (via Making Light)


    1. Well, at least it’s better than the latest Transformers movie.

      Saw it with my son on the weekend. I am going to suggest that the Melbourne IMAX put a pocket behind each seat for sick bags (and evacuation instructions if they so desire). A free set of ear plugs wouldn’t go astray either.

  1. Ah. This was okay. Fairly conventional and we’ve seen these post effects now on many short films on YouTube.

    For much better use of story and effects, I recommend Freddie Wong’s channel.

    BTW – I’m not knocking the Magic Bullet suite – it’s a great piece of software – just that this particular short felt uninspired. Nicely executed, just…uninspired. I will say the best written part was the indie love story. Hysterical.

  2. Awesome idea, but the flares are kinda ruin it for me. I mean, there is like 5 flare effect in every single frame.

    1. So what you are saying is J.J. Abrams should be getting royalties from his use of flare effects?

      -I’m assuming you’ve seen Super 8 or Star Trek: Enterprise My god, lens flare EVERYWHERE.

      But I’ll take that over Mr. Bay’s gratuitous use of tight zoom angle shots.

  3. For some reason I can’t quite pin down…it reminds me of ‘The Last Starfighter’. Something ‘Alex Rogan’ about Ben? It was fun to watch though.

  4. To whomsoever made this (might as well murder the language):

    Congratulations, you tricked me into watching a commercial all the way through for the first time in years. I hope you’re proud.

    Don’t drop that button.

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