Heavy metal quilts by Ben Venom

Ben Venom makes large, luxurious quilts out of heavy metal t-shirts. Seen above is "Don't Wake Me Lucifer" (83" x 95", 2010). His latest piece will be hanging at the BAN6 exhibition at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts opening this Friday, July 8. For more of Venom's devilishly cool textiles, check out Stacey Ransom's Ransom Notes post about his work. "Mr. Ben Venom at Ban6" (Ransom Notes)


  1. A Heavy Metal quilt? wow quilts and quilting are so not METAL! I can picture the guy now wearing all leather and studs and spikes Quilting Ahahahaha!

    1. Yup, with bookguy- Metal is transcendent! Also, I think the irony here is not lost on the artist or the audience- it makes the work even more hawsome.

      1. No a state of mind is just that… A state of mind it can be anything it has nothing to do with metal just like quilting. It’s just.. well quilting. Just because the guy ruined a bunch of t-shirts doesn’t make it metal, art maybe but not metal. Now the vegan chef death metal cooking video that has been making the rounds that I would call metal. Don’t get me wrong im not dissing the work its ok. But to put it simply Hot Topic is not Punk Rock..

        1. If you believe that Ben Venom is to Metal as Hot Topic is to Punk, I think that you are completely mistaken, and misguided in your comparison. The reason Hot Topic is not punk rock is that they’re a corporate mall chain store imitating the genre. Ben is the real deal, imo. If you don’t think quilting can be Metal, well, I’ll also have to disagree with you there!

    2. I will have you know I am a quilter who regularly plays Scorps, G&R, Metallica, and even some Preist on occasion while sewing. Not all quilters are grandmothers who sit around whittling away at the last years of their lives making quilts. Quilts are an art that is enjoyed by all walks of life, even tatooed rockers.

  2. Dear BoingBoing,

    In the future, please refrain from posting articles about awesome shit that I cannot afford to buy.


  3. I saw this in person six weeks or so ago at Artpad SF- it’s amazing. The Tshirts, the spiderweb quilting pattern, everything. It metal-screams DOMESTIC BADASS!

  4. I assumed from the title that these were quilts made from sheets of lead, iron, nickle, etc. Now that would be cool and comfy!

  5. Bonus points for KROKUS. I can live without Sepultura’s Roots, though. That album is no good.

  6. Quilting is for everyone! =) I think these are really cool. It’s nice to see different quilts besides the cliche country looking stuff.

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