Rotting, abandoned New Orleans theme-park


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  1. salsaman says:

    These photos would be great without the gratuitous tone mapping. It’s autotune for photography, and I personally hate it when taken so far.

  2. Suburbancowboy says:

    Here’s a link to an excellent creepy video shot inside the abandoned park. Reminds me a lot of The Walking Dead. Bonus: No HDR

  3. mccrum says:

    I spent a truly miserable afternoon in Jazzland once. We sat in the Jean Lafitte ride for a good half hour before they informed us it was broken. Got to the front of the rollercoaster line before being told there was an issue with the brakes. The carousel and log flume were the only things worth visiting that day. The tickets were free and I still felt ripped off.

  4. HERBinator says:

    Load up some paintball gear and go to town.

  5. KNY says:

    Oh for sure… but that can be said of any city… or place. Eventually everything goes away… and or is retooled or changes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love HDR shots, especially those that seem most nuclear fallout, or something to that effect.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the movie HANNAH

  8. petsounds says:

    1) The park was already featured on BB a few months ago.
    2) I hate HDR. Why isn’t it dead yet? It’s the AutoTune of the photography world.

  9. gwailo_joe says:

    Ashes to ashes
    Dissonance to dirt
    Let the past remind us that
    That the other half blinds us
    to the situations that establish themselves

    when businessmen economically flagellate themselves

    A New World Order, but no new regrets
    Replacing Sponge Bob with egrets
    We see the Dollar Folly
    When Mother Nature Hollers Loudly

    Destruction runs amok
    and the Local people are stuck.

    (yay New Orleans!)

  10. Anonymous says:

    My photos from an abandoned amusement park i Japan.

  11. zipr says:

    I think I already played this level, it’s called “Dark Carnival.”

    (Great photos, btw…)

  12. Anonymous says:

    If you’re like me and hate the spice of HDR here are some 6 Flags/Jazzland photos without the HDR

  13. firefly the great says:

    I’m pretty bored with tonemapping as the “instant creepy button”. Saw a similar set from Pripyat, Ukraine a few months ago.

  14. Suburbancowboy says:

    Site of the 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos!!

  15. adamnvillani says:

    This was Six Flags New Orleans, formerly Jazzland. Pontchartrain Beach was in a different location, now the site of a University of New Orleans research park (and before that, there was another Pontchartrain Beach park in a different location).

    A good resource for finding amusement parks and tracing their history is the Roller Coaster Database,

    It is sad that Six Flags wasn’t able to rescue this park, but as a company they were in a lot of financial trouble and were selling off a bunch of parks anyway:

    On September 12, 2005 (two weeks after Katrina hit), they announced they were closing Six Flags Astroworld in Houston. Later that year they got a new board of directors. In 2006 they closed a theme park and water park in Oklahoma City, and then in January 2007 they sold off six more parks. In 2009 they filed for bankruptcy, and as part of the reorganization they closed yet another park in Kentucky.

    So unfortunately they were in a lot of trouble and really didn’t have any way of rebuilding SFNO.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If that is from the Six Flags Jazz land I’ve been on that roller coster before. It used to have single car that looked like mine carts and would jolt you around when it made a turn. I think there was also a cartoon gopher.

  17. agdtinman says:

    The HDR…it burnssss! (And totally ruined what would have been awesome photos.)

    • Cowicide says:

      I don’t always hate HDR. But when I do hate HDR, it looks like this.

    • TheSpaghettiman says:

      For second I thought you were making another L4D/Source joke. Then I realized that HDR is used in places besides computer games.

  18. seyo says:

    I dislike HDR more and more every time I see it. It makes the images look like chain hotel bathroom art. I think these photos would be much more powerful without it.

  19. lazyopportunist says:

    This graph mentions HDR. I like graphs.

  20. bobv says:

    I think the pictures are great, but the stylized effects just aren’t doing it for me. They seem to be hiding more of the space, rather than revealing it. Just my opinion.

  21. hassenpfeffer says:

    Hasn’t the Joker used this place as his hideout in countless capers against the Caped Crusader?

  22. jonathanpeterson says:

    pretty nice hi-res overviews on google maps:

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think this story is about the old Pontchatrain Beach. I think the Batts sold it to Six Flags before it was shut down–kind of sad for those of us who remember it. Ron Newton and I use to ride the rollercoaster over and over–they didn’t even make us get off between rides.


  24. KNY says:

    I live in NOLA. A couple of months ago I went into the park alone to snap photos. “Southern Gothic” is an understatement. The place was cool as Hell in all of it’s shabby, beat down glory. Very next weekend… took a friend and my wife back out there so they could take a look around. We went about 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning… because I reasoned that there would be less of a chance of crossing paths with the NOPD. I was wrong. We all got busted. Soooo…. just know that even though there are holes in the fence and few NO TRESPASSING signs… that the cops are cruising through. One last thing… if you do go out… take a friend.. and try to avoid climbing up the coasters. The place is an accident waiting to happen. But it is cool!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Jazzland was pretty fun back in the day. I only went a handful of times, some before Six Flags bought the place, some after. I remember being annoyed that Six Flags changed the motion ride from its original story about Jean Lafitte to something to do with Spongebob, but it was still cool to have a real themepark close enough to visit once a year or so. It’s sad that, after Katrina, Six Flags didn’t feel it was worth repairing.

  26. hooeezit says:

    I noticed the park driving around NOLA a few weeks ago when I was visiting my uncle in East N.O. My uncle’s house was submerged in 5 feet of water for 6 weeks. They had to completely redo the ground floor. They live in a gated community, and there are many abandoned houses with tall grass and vines growing all over.

    There are large shopping complexes right by the Six Flags that are also standing abandoned. If the buildings were wood, they’ve been razed to the ground, but if they were brick and concrete, they are still standing. There were no stores in that neighborhood for 5 years, but new ones are starting to pop up now.

    Which made me think. Something like Katrina is going to happen again in NOLA, and it will happen soon. What risk analysis are these companies doing before starting a new store (most of the new stores are big brands/franchises). If I was living in that neighborhood right now, I’d doing some detailed planning on a phased move-out.

  27. mage_cat says:

    (Forgot to sign-in before so this may end up a double post.)
    Jazzland was pretty fun back in the day. I only went a handful of times, some before Six Flags bought the place, some after. I remember being annoyed that Six Flags changed the motion ride from its original story about Jean Lafitte to something to do with Spongebob, but it was still cool to have a real themepark close enough to visit once a year or so. (I grew up about 60 miles from NOLA.) It’s sad that, after Katrina, Six Flags didn’t feel it was worth repairing.

    • quicksand says:

      “It’s sad that, after Katrina, Six Flags didn’t feel it was worth repairing.”

      I guess it’s their decision, but it seems like such a pity when there was all that great equipment there, and people had worked so hard to create a fun experience, to just walk away, lock the gate, and let it rot.

  28. efergus3 says:

    Welcome to Zombieland…

  29. opmaroon says:

    Very cool! The park itself that is, not the photos. They’re awful.

  30. DoctressJulia says:

    Wow, I do love decaying structures. It’s so funny to me (why, I don’t know!) that in some places things get waterlogged, mold and rot, and in other places things just kind of dry up and blow away as dust. Swamp vs. desert! Who will win?!

  31. KNY says:

    @hooeezit. Well something will happen here again at some point sooner or later… hopefully not as bad as what Katrina did. New Orleans is a place unto itself… I fell pretty certain no matter what happens here people will just continue to adapt… the houses may end up being on two story stilts… or people may end up living on house boats… but it ain’t going anywhere.

    • hooeezit says:

      Don’t get me wrong – I love NOLA. It’s one of the best vibes I’ve gotten in any city in the US. But if I were an individual living in NOLA, and I had lost so much in Katrina, I wouldn’t spend much effort in reconstructing my home given the weather extremes we are experiencing. It would be great if NOLA stays the way it is, but 2 more hurricanes will guarantee otherwise. Nature is good at taking back what’s hers. NOLA was marshland, and it will be that again. Whether it’s 5 years or 500 is entirely up to Mother Nature’s whim.

    • mn_camera says:

      Take sea level rise, coastal erosion, land subsidence, and storm surges from hurricanes into account, and New Orleans may be a tragic loss in this century.

      It doesn’t have to be, The Netherlands’ reclaiming of ocean bottom as livable/arable space shows that. There’s just not the political will in this society to do anything even close to what’s needed to keep the city above the waves.

  32. Nadreck says:

    Does it have a Phantom?

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