Walking Dead cake


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  1. hukes says:

    I keep reading “Don’t dead, open inside”

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Don’t Dead.” Gotcha.
    “Open Inside.” K.
    I’ll just go into see what needs opening in there.. OH JESUS CHRI…

  3. Layne says:

    Still, that’s pretty awesome.
    Wonder what flavor it is… Red Velvet? Or something jelly-based that would ooze out once you started cutting?

  4. Tony Moore says:

    wow! that’s impressive!

  5. mordicai says:

    Famous last words: “Don’t Dead Open Inside? That doesn’t make any sense!”

  6. Kabur Naj says:

    As I just so happen to have the entire Walking Dead comic book series by my desk here at work, I thought I’d check whether the “Don’t Dead Open Inside” lettering was taken straight from the original source. In the comic book, the doors are fastened together with a pair of handcuffs (assuming this is the gymnasium door at the prison), but there’s no writing to go along with it. Still, I thought I recognized the cake image with the words. Was it maybe included in some promotional previews for season 2 of the AMC series? Or was it perhaps from the basement of the tenement building at the start of Romero’s Dawn? This is going to bug me now…

    Great-looking cake, btw. I didn’t even notice the hands at first.

    • LeSinge says:

      It’s from the beginning of the first episode of the show. The doors were in the hospital and it’s how it was written. It annoyed me when I first saw it as well. See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgvgAFzldMs#t=32s

    • Talon says:

      Yeah LeSinge is correct in reference to the episdoe. I think it’s supposed to tie the warning that is at the front of the gated community the group encounter in the the first 24 issues of the comic and the hospital doors that Rick encounters held together by a 2×4 at the very beginning. Neither the hospital doors or the jail have warning signs; it’s just something they added to the scene.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If he wanted to really be like the show, he would have made the cake talky and meandering with Laurie Holden chewing bits of the scenery.

  8. Anonymous says:

    it’s not from the prison, tartarsauce… it’s from issue 1 the doors to the cafeteria nd it’s accurate… how come lamo’s on the web always gotta pick everything apart i think this is so awesome

    • Kabur Naj says:

      Hey, I still thought it was awesome! I’m just OCD enough that I wanted to trace the motif back through the chain of creativity (cake-tv show-comic book).

      As for Adrian Lamo being on the web, hey, it’s a free country, even for douchebags.

      • Anonymous says:

        in the first issue of the comic, Rick encounters cafeteria doors held shut with a 2×4 through the door handles, and no warnings painted on them. Finding this curious, he removes the board and opens the doors, and comes face to face with zombies for the first time.

        in the show, they made it closed with a chain, and added the warning, which reads much like the gated community scene from later issues of the comics. Rick sees hands clawing from inside, but never actually opens the doors

  9. Talon says:


  10. Kabur Naj says:

    @LeSinge: Thanks for the video clip, that definitely clears that up. You know, if I had just finished barricading a horde of the undead inside a cafeteria, I probably wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about how my warning message would scan before I got the heck out of there, so I don’t think we can fault the show’s producers on that one.

    @Talon: I think you’re totally right, the reason I remembered it from the show is obviously because it was in episode 1, and the reason I remembered it from the comic is because of the gated community. Thanks!

    • LeSinge says:

      I like to think that they wrote the words while the door was partly open, then closed it and facepalmed.

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