Garbage garage band: the Garbage Men

These four young fellas from Sarasota, Fla call themselves The Garbage Men, and play some damned fine music on their instruments made from cereal-boxes and other repurposed trash.

Satisfaction by The Garbage Men (Thanks, Nanner!)


  1. The drummer does a very good Charlie Watts impersonation! They are too good be living in Sarasota Florida, where the average age is deceased.

  2. “damned fine”… relative to the sound of one hand clapping? No, wait, that doesn’t work either.

  3. Kudos for the Trout Mask Replica t-shirt.

    They should listen to Devo’s, ‘satisfaction’, and consider getting more, um, angular.

  4. It’s probably a little tough for these guys to find girlfriends at the moment in Sarasota, but in seven years when they’re all majoring in trash guitar at RISD it’s going to be a different story. Art school chicks really dig these kinds of skills. Hang in there dudes! You sound dope

    1. So, you’re saying the only reason these kids are making music is to ‘get girlfriends’ and date ‘art school chicks’? :/

      Wow, how enlightened you sound. /s

      1. They’re teenagers. That is what teenagers think about. The fact that they’ve got a great hobby that will probably lead to some of what they think about, not to mention an excellent way to work through the frustrations of not getting some of what they’re thinking about, is a bonus. I doubt blacksquare was judging or condemning them.

      2. As someone who has lived in Providence for 20 years and once worked for RISD I’d say that you need to temper your opinion.

        ANY person who would make an instrument is a driven creative person and THAT is what appeals to Women who attend RISD.

        In essence you are selling the women of RISD short in your headlong plunge to find something insulting in these obviously awkward young men finally having their insides appreciated. The Women of RISD and these young garbage men can see beauty in places you can’t.

        How sad for you.

  5. These Guys RULE!! These guys are the future. Making their own instruments AND playing live at a festival??? Sign these dudes now!
    They didn’t have to rely on rich parents/friends to get instruments, they did it themselves. F-ing awesome is all I can say.

  6. That guitar? bass guitar? sounds great! Reminds me of a sitar or something. The rest of the instruments do sound like trash being played though.

  7. Outstanding, from an inventive, whimsical and creative viewpoint. Beffheartian in all the right ways.

    See, kiddies, it ain’t about having a $5000 Les Paul or flash pots or the most groupies. It’s about the music, and making that music in any way that you can.

    Bravo to those four. I sincerely hope that they don’t go for “music classes” whose only result, in the name of “professionalism”, will be to blunt their enthusiasm and creative drive.

    I wonder if they know about Harry Partch,, or these albums:

  8. Raising money for Heifer International with sales of their CD! Heck – I’d buy that just for such an awesome organization. Way to go guys!

  9. I played junk drums about 10 years ago in a college band called Trilobite Agenda. The set was a bit more complex than this and sounded better. It was still very clangy, but it was helped by the fact that we used some old cymbals and a snare drum. The bass was an old cardboard barrel, and we had a bunch of random metal pieces suspended by rubber bands and whatnot. I don’t think that there is any video or audio online, but maybe I’ll work on doing that. That was the only junk, though we had an accordion and a bass to round out the trio.

  10. I believe those guitars are real guitars, just wrapped in a cereal box. I do not believe they implemented their own electronics out of garbage. But good job on the creativity.

    1. deose – if you take a look I think it’s pretty clear that the guitars are very much DIY instruments, in the cigar-box tradition (e.g., I think we can cut them some slack for not winding their own pickups using salvaged copper wire and discarded refrigerator magnets.

    2. believe it.
      I went to a Gr. 2-12 school for the gifted in Sarasota called Pineview (albeit 20+ years ago), and I’d be willing to bet at least a couple of these guys do too.
      While there, our classes (especially science and math, but also virtually all others as well) regularly included applications of the concepts we learned and quite often had assignments to make things from just the sorts of materials this band has used.
      I also applaude them on their creativity and ingenuity, although I think someone should point out to the lead guitarist that what he forgot was that criticizing your bandmates while on stage makes you look like a total d-bag.

      1. Pineview alumni represent! If they aren’t going to Pineview, than something has gone wrong with the program because these are just the sort who should be there.

        These kids are great and, if I see them while I’m in Sarasota, I’m certainly getting the CD and dropping some cash in their hat. LOVE the creativity!

  11. Yeah, I agree with FreakCity, the DIY instruments have a trippy, eastern sound to them. Pretty cool.

    1. I love the reference, but would you consider making it without pissing on other people’s good work?

  12. I am a Sarasotan, and have seen these fellows downtown and around. They also cover Beatles and Monkee Tunes. A real hoot to see them get some exposure here. The local public love them, and they are just a fun part and becoming a staple of the the Sarasota underground. DRINK MORE MILK!!!!

  13. I think they’re rockin’. The horn section could maybe switch it out for whiskey-jug stylings on an empty Tide bottle. Or better yet, a few more pieces of PVC would make a nice slide trumbone.

    Some classic inspiration… Hurra Torpedo doing Total Eclipse of the Heart with some kitchen appliances (and guitar). Probably not safe for work considering the problems the stove-smasher has keeping his sweat pants up.

    The drummer is totally doing Animal.

    1. i think looking at blogs and being on the internet is nsfw
      but holy cow, that was frickin’ awesome. i would put it up there with the garbage men and christian markley.

      1. (and that is a compliment coming from someone who is a member in both the beatles and the rolling stones)

  14. It’s 8 dollars. No wait what? 7 dollars. I guess it’s 7 dollars now. Huh? Hold on folks, we’ve gotta nail down this fucking price before we can play. I said hold your shit! (Now I thought we agreed on 8 dollars the other night. Oh that was for the 4th of July parade at the elementary school? Godammit… No, it’s just that we look like fucking amateurs up here now with our 7 dollars or 8 dollars and I’m trying to bang my babysitter. Ya well everyone’s banged your Mom, Skylar, so shut the fuck up and let’s just play already. Fucking eh…) Okay, it’s just 7 dollars folks, step on up. This next one goes out to my awesome babysitter, Summer, and it’s a little ditty we like to call, “Satisfaction”. Hit it boys!

  15. These guys are total bad-ass. I bet this won’t be the last time they appear on Boing Boing.

  16. A french band named “Les poubelles boys” is doing about the same for 20 years now.
    Watch here for example:

  17. better than the beatles
    and definitely better than the rolling stones
    (and that is quite a compliment coming from someone who is a member of both bands)

  18. They’re all Pine View students in this video. Their bottle player (not available for this gig) goes to St. Stephens.

  19. Check them out:

    They’re playing at Snooty the Manatee’s 63rd Birthday at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton on Saturday, July 16th and MOSI in Tampa on July 17th. They often play at the Farmers Market downtown in Sarasota and always at the Art Walk on Palm Ave on the 1st Friday of the month at 7pm.

  20. I love how their instruments sound.. just wish that the bass line was a little more solid!!! anyway, it’s great and they should keep doing it.

  21. These boys are friends with my son, and I can assure you that they are all incredibly good, creative and ridiculously smart kids. They truly do give all their profits to charity – it’s not just a marketing ploy. This is a group of teenagers that are doing good things and having fun doing it – you should see the smiles on the faces of their audiences!

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