Surreal architectural projection

Mark Dery points us to this mindbendingly amazing video of 1024 Architecture's "interactive architectural mapping" on a former theater in Lyon, France last year. The sounds of the audience controlled the visuals projected onto the building's façade. "Perspective Lyrique" (via Architizer)


  1. I was there, it was awesome. The whole “fête des lumières” is really great. Every year, December 8, the whole city celebrates light!

  2. really neat! – the audience controlled visuals.

    not really neat! – putting your mouth on a mic that I saw lots of other people doing the same!!


  3. i neither understand why this trend ever started nor why it continues to happen.

    ‘like, wow, let’s project a building onto a building and then have the building do stuff.’

    maybe i’m just too dumb to figure out what the fascination with this architectural projection crap is…and i do motion graphics and design for a living!

    1. Do you see any irony to the fact that in this thread, 4th comment down, you told someone who didn’t like mashups:

      “If you don’t like it, get off of the internets. Personally i found this to be creative and entertaining. i love mpathg and fc thus i loved this mashup. well done!”

      So can we presume that you’ll be taking a little break from the internets today?

      On another note, does anyone have any clue what software they may have used to make this?

  4. I’m reading Cory Doctorow’s “Makers” right now. I’m not a major geek, just a long-time Boing Boing lurker (since 2000 via the web. Watching this, and seeing how people react in the video, I think Doctorow’s future is well underway.

  5. Awesome. Why do I get the feeling though that something like this could never take place in America? Maybe it has and I just haven’t heard about it yet……just seems like the Government would find a way to connect it to “terrorists” or some such.

    Oh and JPWatkins comment to the kinginyellow?


    1. Sure it has, I’ve done something similar for last year’s Beaux Arts Ball in New York and MoMA had a laser light graffiti collective scrawl all over the outside a few years back. You just need permission and permit and I don’t think these guys were able to just set up a 10,000 lumen projector in the square and run power over to it without checking with the local authorities either.

      It’s just that most of the time here in the States we just don’t understand why someone would go through all the trouble just to make some art interesting without wanting to charge money somehow. :)

  6. Just a small correction : the building is the Théâtre des Célestins, which is very much still in use as a theater.

  7. Related, the latest Disney parks castle show does the same kind of thing. (to much better effect I think)

  8. If you liked that…
    …check out The 600 Years by the Macula. Absolutely astounding…

  9. @JP:
    i think you’re right. i am a cranky old/young man.

    ;) touché. i’ve been absorbed in some mind numbing cinema4d action all day and only online when i set up a render. i really should take a long interweb break for a week or more for a good digital cleansing. regarding your question about software there’s a company here in houston that does these types of projections called Texas Video & Post. they use flame so i would assume they either use maya or 3dsmax. if that answers your question.

  10. I can do without the constant hopping between camera angles in the video. I did not have a headache until after watching it.

    The effect on the building is very cool, though.

    1. My thought as well. The over-editing distracts one from the subject of the video and prevents study and appreciation of any angle that is presented.

      Do we really need a demonstration of your l33t editing skillz when something as epic as this is going on?

      The video’s editor needs to take his/her ADHD medicine and chill a little.

  11. Much better BB post on the same subject:


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