Baby Yoda Beanie


$24, Etsy (knitterkrys), via bookofjoe via Tara McGinley.


  1. I can already hear the knitters whooping with delight! Hope she’s copyrighted the pattern and has it ready for distribution in some publisher’s pipeline – that’s where the money is.

    1. Jack, I’m wondering how you’re going to avoid that with small children. It’s not as if a baby could tell you what he/she wants to wear, and you have to dress them in something, so what else are you going to go by if not your own taste?

      1. Parental tastes are always foisted on children, but I do take issue with branded properties being foisted on children before they can make a decision because branded properties are automatically overbearing and place an unnecessary weight on cuteness. I’m actually scanning in old family photos from my childhood and I can’t find one “The Beatles” or “Three Stooges” shirt I’m forced into; my parents liked both. But nowadays it seems to be fully appropriate to place a kid in a “Led Zeppelin” onsie which is utterly ridiculous.

        In the case of Star Wars I love Yoda, but I wince whenever I see stuff like this. There is such a thing as non-branded cute.

        1. I do take issue with branded properties being foisted on children before they can make a decision

          When nine hundred weeks old they reach, then choose their wardrobe they may. And look as good, they will not.

  2. Speaking of parenting, here’s a little something that is perfect for this discussion on multiple levels.

    (That’s my Yoda baby daughter, by the way.)

  3. i’ve been wanting one of these for myself for a couple years now. i hope she has adult sizes….

  4. An oochie woochie cutie pie, oo is?

    Jack, a good point about branding you have made, and agree do I, but non-branded items to get adults to talk funny, would not.

  5. having people constantly smile at your child is not and never will be wrong, for goodness sake stop analysing everything and embrace the joy of life, there is precious little of it so make it when you can, A hat, it is!

  6. We dressed my (then four month-old) daughter as Princess Leia for Purim. The costume came complete with little a little cinnamon-bun hairdo cap.

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