Skull cufflinks

sufflinks.jpg If you'd like to pay Ralph Lauren $9,995 for these Skull Cufflinks With Diamond Eyes, tough cheese. They're sold out. [Mr. Porter via Acquire]


  1. I’m pretty sure that by “sold out” they mean “never actually made more than one pair because we knew nobody would by them, but they bring in interest as a marketing tool”.

    1. I’m gonna’ guess that if RL made 500 pairs of these, they all sold out- with back orders for more.

      That company never needs to use cheap marketing ploys.

  2. Sold out already?!? Who, with ten grand burning a hole in their pockets, is buying skull cuff links that look like they came straight off the sale counter at Hot Topic?

    You really can’t buy good taste.

    Man, those Mexican drug cartel bosses sure snatched these up quick!

  3. If only I had these cufflinks to wear to the Bohemian Grove for the Cremation of Care. My old Skull and Bones buddies would love them!

  4. really? if you want to go goth like that, go for the real thing.

    I fished my wisdom teeth out of the medical waste bin, and had them turned into a pair of earrings and a pair of cufflinks (a la The Great Gatsby!) I’m married to the lady I gave the earrings to.

  5. My company sells these as well, and they’re made by the same house that makes them for Ralph Lauren. They’re much more affordable if you know where to look.

  6. So, roughly $17,065.00 for the outfit, plus cufflinks, not including socks, undies, wallet (some cash for wallet) and taxes.

    Shrek: [observing a giant building] That must be Lord Farquaad’s castle… Do you think he’s maybe compensating for something?

  7. No idea who was first, but these guys have sold on the LES of NYC for years. Used to have a store on Orchard st, closed a year or two ago. No way they cost that much. Men’s section, 4th diamond link thing down (what is this, Flash??)

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