Accidental western scene


Greg In The Desert found this cool "Western looking scene at sunset in the splashing of water against a pier."

(Image: Accidental Western Scene, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (2.0) image from gregjsmith's photostream)


  1. Actually an extradimensional gateway. You just have to have the courage to dive in headfirst.

  2. That is more artful than most of the intentional art I’ve seen lately. Very nice. But it would be tough to hang it over the sofa.

  3. Accidental? I spent hours underwater in camouflaged snorkel gear carefully repainting by blowing water through a tube strategically timed to match the waves and my work is called “accidental?”

  4. It’s the Man in the Yellow Hat standing next to a grazing chokobo just outside of a dairy farm near Spring Green, Wisconsin around sunset in late August. Take that, Rorschach.

    Just don’t scroll down in the link to the picture of a Giant Sonoran Centipede. The description makes the Honey Badger seem reasonable and caring.

  5. That’s what we look for when we put a thunder egg on a rock saw. Sometimes the striations of the agate in the center can create almost photo-real landscapes. Unfortunately, this is very hard to achieve as it is totally random and a miniscule cut can ruin a natural masterpiece without you even knowing it. If you start cutting in order to produce a landscape, you can drive yourself nuts, use gallons of diesel and hours of time just to make rock dust.

  6. this is either proof that

    1. cowboys are supernatural
    2. by chance, stuff like that can happen, with no supernatural involved

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