Accidental western scene


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  1. Anonymous says:

    great work… where did you find that.. nice , i love it

  2. The Hamster King says:

    It’s the jacket art from Joy Division’s album of Ennio Morricone covers.

  3. Rich Keller says:

    It’s the Man in the Yellow Hat standing next to a grazing chokobo just outside of a dairy farm near Spring Green, Wisconsin around sunset in late August. Take that, Rorschach.

    Just don’t scroll down in the link to the picture of a Giant Sonoran Centipede. The description makes the Honey Badger seem reasonable and caring.

  4. lovingthedark says:

    Definitely bacon.

  5. Kosmoid says:

    iT’S jeebus!

  6. vmaldia says:

    this is either proof that

    1. cowboys are supernatural
    2. by chance, stuff like that can happen, with no supernatural involved

  7. irksome says:

    Why is there a silhouette of Jesus sexing up a llama on the Boing Boings?

  8. Snig says:

    Actually an extradimensional gateway. You just have to have the courage to dive in headfirst.

  9. scifijazznik says:

    That is more artful than most of the intentional art I’ve seen lately. Very nice. But it would be tough to hang it over the sofa.

  10. jeligula says:

    That’s what we look for when we put a thunder egg on a rock saw. Sometimes the striations of the agate in the center can create almost photo-real landscapes. Unfortunately, this is very hard to achieve as it is totally random and a miniscule cut can ruin a natural masterpiece without you even knowing it. If you start cutting in order to produce a landscape, you can drive yourself nuts, use gallons of diesel and hours of time just to make rock dust.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s a centaur! With a cowboy hat!

  12. JIMWICh says:

    Don Quixote!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure I had that game on my Atari 2600.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Knature Knows

  15. Lobster says:

    It’s Jesus!

    Umm… Cowboy Jesus?

  16. dculberson says:


  17. mccrum says:

    Accidental? I spent hours underwater in camouflaged snorkel gear carefully repainting by blowing water through a tube strategically timed to match the waves and my work is called “accidental?”

  18. Victor Drath says:

    Cool beans & bacon.

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