Lightning over Puyehue-Cordon Caulle

mordorshitrightthere.jpg Photo: Carlos Gutierrez with Reuters Lightning flashes around the ash plume at above the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano chain near Entrelagos. The volcano in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle chain, dormant for decades, erupted last month in south-central Chile, belching ash more than 6 miles into the sky. Winds fanned it toward neighboring Argentina, prompting the government to evacuate several thousand residents, authorities said.


  1. I swear this a Frank Frazetta painting, where the buxom woman clinging to a muscular guy raising an epic sword while riding a mythical creature has been Photoshopped out of the foreground.

  2. One does not simply walk into Mordor–unless one plans on offering a Kleenex to Sauron. Gesundheit.

    1. /raises hand

      (I’ve been using a pic from the 2008 Chaitén eruption for the last while, so I was a gimme for this one.)

  3. Last night one of those late night, slow-moving thunder storms moved over the northern part of the Front Range in Colorado. The kind with little rain at first but megatons of low rumbling, grumbling agitation and threat. It went on for hours, sliding over our houses like some great lethal beast. It’s at times like these I wonder at the wisdom of keeping a fresh supply of lamb’s blood lest the lintel need to be marked.

    When I see awesome photos like the one above, my mind supplies the sound effects from storms like the one last night.

  4. On 8/28/09, I headed home from work listening to Black Sabbath’s “Sign of the Southern Cross,” rounded a bend right as Iommi’s main riff thundered out and saw the hillside above my house ablaze in the Station Fire.

    That moment of terrible awesomeness felt like this picture.

    \m/ \m/

  5. The beauty of nature… Sometimes We found it at Merapi Volcano (Jogjakarta, Indonesia)

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