US law enforcement group to ISPs: you must keep user logs for 18 months

"Law enforcement representatives are planning to endorse a proposed federal law that would require Internet service providers to store logs about their customers for 18 months," Declan McCullagh at CNET reports.


  1. Not that I want to see this type of thing at all, but is the federal government going to pay for the resources for this storage?

    1. kind of the first thing that came to mind, yes. let alone the development of the systems to keep this “backup” information.

  2. The real question is: how the hell is this 18 months span relevant to anything? How is it a better choice than thirty seven seconds or sixteen millenias?

  3. Ah, I see. It’s so they can collar the kiddie porn peddlers.

    And the Patriot act was so they could go after terrorists, and RICO was to take down organized crime.

    It was ever so. A law proposed raises its eyes heavenward toward a noble cause. A law enacted sets its sights much lower.

    1. It was ever so. A law proposed raises its eyes heavenward toward a noble cause. A law enacted sets its sights much lower.

      Very elegantly put. Did you turn that phrase yourself? The Google says ‘maybe’.

  4. I’d like to start taking a more aggressive posture against government surveillance. While we resist these encroachments through regular processes, let’s also start proposing draconian surveillance and punitive laws against government and municipal workers, copyright giants, large corporations who practically run the government agency that’s supposed to regulate them, etc.

    In this particular case I’d propose that the “law enforcement authorities” (we’ll draft the definition as broadly as possible) have cameras and recording devices and GPS location systems aimed at them during all working hours, at all times, recording everything they do. The footage is stored for 10 years, is publicly accessible on the Internet or even streamable. And as with their own proposals, there is nary a word on how it gets paid for. It also needs the right kind of name. How about “Terrorist Prevention Act”?

  5. Law enforcement groups and ISPs can kiss my skinny white ass. They can store that for 18 months if they want.

  6. I never know who is meant to count as an “internet service provider” for these sorts of things. If I always VPN through work an I effectively immune? Or is my employer required to keep the same logs as my “internet service provider”?

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