Wiretapping and crypto: those who snoop can still snoop


3 Responses to “Wiretapping and crypto: those who snoop can still snoop”

  1. foxfifi says:

    thank u for sharing.

  2. querent says:


  3. hpavc says:

    I find the “open availability” statement horrible.

    Even at the consumer level beyond the gangster level this is silly.

    If the iphone (or similar) suddenly allowed applications to alter the audio io directly, suddenly we would have a real crypto cell to cell conversation.

    Relying on ssl is sham, it should be considered trivial that the DHS with its backbone access cannot deal with this already. Nobody is making firefox addons that detect when your under the influence of a escrow proxy websense tool, or alerting you that https keys have different fingerprints suddenly.

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