Pipe bending robot charms pipes into amazing shapes

[Video link]

This robotic pipe bending machine looks like a snake charmer but with raw steel, or maybe a real life version of that old screensaver. It basically just extrudes metal and oozes raw, controlled power.

[Video link]

Unfortunately, one of the more interesting videos of the machine is blocked for embedding.

I want a PlayDoh extruder that does this. I would be the envy of kindergarteners everywhere.

Thanks Joe!


  1. FYI-I believe using the *old* object embed code for youtube vids rectifies the silly youtubedotcom only playblack of a video.

  2. “I was a star. I could bend a girder to any angle. 30 degrees, 32 degrees, you name it. 31 degrees…”

    1. Not really, but maybe for “designer” antennas to make traditional antennas look better than a Yagi-Uda.

      Most antennas I see these days are using 3D shapes to maximize utility.

  3. There’s something else it is doing that impressive. Ever bend a piece of metal? It always springs back just a little bit. Hence the phenomena is called “spring back.” And the amount of spring back has to be calculated for every metal, thickness, and shape at every bend.

    So for it to make exact shapes, it makes a different shape. Just so it springs back to the intended shape. This machine is doing it so smoothly we don’t even see it.

  4. They also make cup noodle! Those curly delicious noodles? Guess what… Mini tube bending robots.

  5. It’s not technically extruding the metal. It’s pushing already formed pipe against that cnc thingamabob.

  6. Can you run the machine in reverse to suck up a curly pipe and straighten it out, much like somebody slurping a strand of spaghetti?

  7. Looks like somebody needs to eat more fiber!

    More seriously, this is an awesome machine, but looks to be limited in the length and diameter of pipe it can handle. I wonder if they made benders that can handle longer and larger pipes?

    1. It would have dies for various diameter/thickness tubes. Since a mandrel bender requires a mandrel inside the pipe and a forming die on the outside, the length of pipe is limited by the mandrel length. This is why pipes are not usually formed (seamlessly) in incredible lengths. Most applications for complicated and precise repeatable mandrel bending are not super long.
      This would be great for race car/bike builders. Equal-length scavenging titanium headers?

    2. I was going to mention the pipes.

      I would also say the programmers lack a certain creativity. Everything is a random squiggle.

      Spell something, make a tight spiral or produce a recognizable symbol.

      I thought they were about to crank out a desk chair at one point, and it just became another random set of bends. Made me wonder if there aren’t a number of limitations caused by the size of the machine and the need to avoid bending something too far back towards itself.

  8. This means prefab electrical conduit for construction projects.
    Electricians aren’t going to give up their pipe benders without a fight!

  9. How has no one mentioned the wolf/target/finding the competitive edge poster in the background. whooooahh!

  10. “Bending’s my middle name.”
    “Yep! Bender Bending Rodriguez.”

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