Public papercraft ponies

Dry the River - No Rest: 3D paper-crafted horses.jpeg A U.K. ad agency created these 3D papercraft ponies to stand out from the usual flyposted fare. [Ads of the World]


  1. Very pretty! Might intrude on the sidewalk a bit so I’m not sure I’d want it done frequently — and it would lose impact if done too often — but I definitely like the way it breaks assumptions.

    I hope these are reasonably weatherproof… and that someone will come through and clean the up when they do get damaged.

    They _are_ going to attract graffiti, you know, especially since they’re white. On the other hand, that too may wind up being creatively interesting. Worth keeping an eye on.

    1. That’s Mutate Britain’s building on Curtain Rd, the whole thing is totally covered in graffiti as are the other trendy shoreditch places in the video, so that’s not much of a concern really. Also posters on the board pictured have an incredibly fast turnover, I work right nearby and didn’t even notice these, so they can’t have been there long.

  2. If I walked by those I would so be tempted to come back in the night and steal them. I wonder what it would cost to buy one.


  3. I’m sure their primary purpose was to get shown on the internet. It doesn’t really matter what happens to them after they’ve been mentioned on a few large sites.

  4. Bender: If so, they’ve failed, because we aren’t discussing whatever it is they were supposed to promote — product or agency. Viral doesn’t do you any good if it doesn’t carry a payload.

    1. They’ve failed in this comment section, but at the Advert world site it links to what it’s for, a video of the making of the pieces, etc. I’m feeling cynical this morning, so I’ll go ahead and guess that this photograph was made by the makers of the horses just after they were put up because they knew they wouldn’t last long.

  5. Welp, nothing left to do now but sit back and wait for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic version.

  6. Ha, it’s cute now, when it’s only ONE poster out of billions. But this time next year we’ll be using machetes to hack our way through thirty identical life-sized paper-craft renderings of some bar band.

  7. Well, that was a waste of ad space.

    I went and listened to the music of “Dry the River” and really liked it. But when I went to amazon to buy it, there was nothing by this group. Went to UK amazon, considering if I wanted to pay shipping from the UK. Thwarted again. Though UK amazon has some mp3s for sale, no CD, no vinyl and no whole album (that I found). I don’t buy MP3s. Hate the compression.

    So the horses worked, they got a potential customer to listen and want to buy, but then it was all for naught when I was thwarted in that desire.

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