Bolivia: an extremely funky house, and other visual delights.


Photographer and Boing Boing reader Mario Landivar has a wonderful set of photos from his native Bolivia, but none so Boingy as this one, here: a fantastically funky house in the town of El Alto. Makes more sense in the context of so much indigenous color. I love this languid shot of Lake Titicaca. More great shots in his feed, here. Thanks for sharing them in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, Mario!



  1. Wow, that building looks remarkably like the design aesthetic I used to achieve as a kid making buildings assembled from a bucket of random Legos.

  2. In the states, the neighbors would probably complain.
    – The recent issue where some woman may go to jail unless she replaces the garden in her front yard with a lawn that town officials find suitable.

    – Neighbors obtained a court injunction against former Beachboy, Brian Wilson, for starting to paint his house pink. That was back in the late 60s.

    1. In America, any surrounding houses would actually have negative property value.

      Needs more beige!

  3. “Which house do you live in?”
    “Oh you know the one that makes you feel like you’re on a bad acid trip and gives you a headache.”
    “The one with or without the smiley faces?”
    “WITH, of Course!”

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