Dog bites shark (video)

Video Link. Dogs rule. (via Sean Bonner)


  1. Wait wait wait…I’m hoping that “we’ve got a dugong speared and ready for the dinner plate” quip was a joke….

    1. “Wait wait wait…I’m hoping that “we’ve got a dugong speared and ready for the dinner plate” quip was a joke….”

      Of course it’s a joke, They’re only served for lunch.

  2. Bloody Australians. We here in Canada are never needlessly cruel to marine mammals. Ever. Don’t even look it up.

      1. Well, I suppose the dogs are temporary marine mammals but I was referring to the dugong.

  3. And might I add: what exactly were the dogs meant to be doing, herding sharks? The narrator seems surprised by the biting but not that the dogs are swimming with the sharks to begin with.

  4. Wonder if there’s a way to get a Honey Badger to swim there? Show those sharks who’s REALLY boss.

  5. Is this some sort of surrealist art performance piece? Because I don’t understand any bit of it.

    I also hope the narrator’s comment about the beached manatee was supposed to be a joke. But given the rest of the video, I have no frame of reference for reality.

  6. Excellent commentary too. “The dog’s bitin’ the shark” bit would be a great sample. These dogs are of course Australian Chondri Shepards used for water herding. Fun Fact: the Obama’s dog is known as Canis marinus in some languages.

  7. Dogs did decend from seal-like marine mammals, last I heard. So maybe this makes some kind of weird sense?

  8. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to kill dugongs, unless you are part of a licensed native tribe. They are endangered. Sad sight.

  9. The sharks themselves look like nurse sharks/bottom feeders, and thus would pose no real threat to the dogs in any case –

  10. Yeah, hunting dugongs is illegal if you’re not a member of certain Aboriginal tribes. No way of telling if the cameraman is or not, though.

    1. No way of telling if the cameraman is [Aboriginal] or not.

      There’s a way of finding out what he looks like: follow the video link to his youtube account, two links deep from this page. You can also go on to his blog, which is about fishing. A person’s heritage isn’t always obvious for looking, but he appears Caucasian to me.

      The web needs a new iteration of LMGTFY at

      1. “looks caucasian”
        yep so do most indigenous peoples, so again, no way to tell. Anyway, I think it is beached and subsequently died not speared. Labelled joke.

  11. Mammal U! Go team!

    But actually, this seems like harassment of wild animals. I’d be working on saving the dugong with my dogs tied up, and sharks be damned.

    1. I’d be working on saving the dugong with my dogs tied up, and sharks be damned.

      I can’t be 100% sure from the video but it looks rather… deadish to me. My guess is that it died of natural causes or was hit by a boat and washed up on shore, as coastal marine mammals are wont to do. I come across dead sea lions on Ocean Beach in San Francisco all the time.

  12. Dugongs are definitely protected except with provision for traditional hunting by Aboriginal groups within certain restrictions. Its possible that the dugong has beached in an effort to escape the sharks. As to the ethnicity of the narrator, I’d be willing to bet large sums on him not being Aboriginal based on his accent, especially since those groups with licences to hunt dugong tend to be those in rural areas. But of course I can’t be certain. As for the dog, did he have a piece of shark in his mouth when he came up?

  13. I don’t want to visit the sites with pictures of the narrator because I totally have a crush on his voice and I’d hate to find out if he’s not as cute as I imagine. God, I love aussie accents.

    I didn’t realize there were any species of ocean-going dugongs outside of manatees in North America. That was a surprise.

  14. The narrator probably means that the dugong is dead and ready for the sharks dinner plate, not his own.

  15. It is said, “Every dog has his day”. I’m sure the same is true of sharks. Then it won’t be so funny.

  16. Both the speared dugong and dogs belong to Aboriginal peoples in the area. Anywhere out of the small city and towns in Western Australia could be considered pretty much uninhabited so it would not be like there’d be hundreds of people running dogs in the water and spearing dugongs. Aboriginal tribes are allowed to spear dugongs in W.A. Also, those sharks look like grey nurses, so shouldn’t be problematic for the dogs.

  17. Glorious – finally a post about dogs. How about a series of chasers under the title “Dogs bite cats and maul kittens”?

  18. “Okay so here we got the sharks in the front, so hopefully you’ll be able to see that, and you’ve got two dogs swimming with the sharks. Just coming in and rounding them up, Apparently they do it all the time”

    This sounds to me like he’s filming this because he’s at this beach and there’s this guy hunting/fishing and he’s got these dogs that heard sharks all the time. Perhaps after they herded a dugong for the hunter they go have their own fun with sharks. So he’s filming them because it’s a cool thing you don’t really see, but it’s not his dogs or his dugong. But it probably is a speared dugong that whoever owns those dogs has killed and will eat. Most likely an Aboriginal.

  19. I posted a link in the comments on his blog. Maybe he’ll be good enough to stop by and answer some of your questions? :)

  20. He didn’t get it on film.
    He got it on video.
    And if its a recently manufactured camera, he most likely got it on flash storage.

    details I know but…

  21. Guys, the dugong would have been speared by local aboriginal people, ie traditional hunting and the food would be used as a shared meal for lots of people. The dogs were obviously from the same community. The dogs probably swim anywhere they damn well please.

    This is in northern Western Australia… we’re talking about a place in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t downtown USA … he’s probably about 500miles away from the nearest shop… over dirt roads.

    Note to Russ: update the description in your youtube vid so that people can get a little bit more background … there’s some crazy comments there!!

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