Interactive map of undersea cables

cablemaps.jpg The first undersea telecommunications cable was laid in the 1840s. Now there are many. [Cablemap via Gizmodo]


  1. Very interesting.

    Australia, population 21 million, has about 6.4 terabytes per second connectivity with the outside world. That is about the same as New Zealand, 4.4 million, and Iceland, 360,000.

    All the better for enforcing the Great Aussie Firewall.

  2. This map immediately made me think of porn for some reason. I can see it now … “Laying Cable in Mariana’s Trench”

  3. I did a quick search of Google Books, and located this resource from 1861 that talks about undersea cables, discussing the makeup of the cables and installation issues: Undersea Telegraphs, in Chambers Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Arts

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