Interactive map of undersea cables


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  1. _sin07_ says:

    This map immediately made me think of porn for some reason. I can see it now … “Laying Cable in Mariana’s Trench”

  2. bibliotek says:

    I did a quick search of Google Books, and located this resource from 1861 that talks about undersea cables, discussing the makeup of the cables and installation issues: Undersea Telegraphs, in Chambers Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Arts

  3. thebulfrog says:

    I used to not care at all about this sort of thing, but after reading this article by Neil Stephenson – – on the history of underground cables it all became fascinating.

  4. rlkeith says:

    Very interesting.

    Australia, population 21 million, has about 6.4 terabytes per second connectivity with the outside world. That is about the same as New Zealand, 4.4 million, and Iceland, 360,000.

    All the better for enforcing the Great Aussie Firewall.

  5. Mister44 says:

    I love cool maps like this. It is pretty bizarre to think of a cable lying there in the abyss. I mean – look at the ocean floor – the mountains, the trenches. The sights those cables have seen. And it’s one cable… can you imagine one cable just laying across the US, over mountains and valleys?

  6. coaxial says:

    I recently compiled a series of maps that show the growth of telecommunication cables since the 19th century.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I see poor Haiti doesn’t have a landing. Even though some go right by.

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