Love letter found 53 years late

lettttter.jpg Postal workers found an ancient love letter, sent in 1958, at a Pennsylvania mailroom. They're trying to track down the intended recipient. Reuters writes: 'The letter had been addressed to Mr. Clark C. Moore, then a junior at the university, which was known at the time as California State Teachers College, she said. It included a return address, but little other information about the sender, who signed the letter, "Love Forever, Vonnie."' Follow @BoingBoing on Twitter.


  1. for some reason i’m kinda pissed that they opened the letter. 53 years old, but still someone else’s mail! #stickler

  2. This is a touching story. Although, I do have a problem with a few things. One, these postal workers opened the letter. I don’t think they should be doing that. Two, if it was sent in 1958 then the postage is incorrect and it should be returned to sender but that is not romantic. Lastly, these folks need to clean up their office more often. Who knows what is sitting around in there. Other than that this would be a heart warming story if they delivered the letter.

  3. I’m curious as to why they opened and read the letter instead of just attempting to deliver it.

  4. Nope. Recipient was found. He did marry the sender, then divorced her 8 years later. Cute story…

  5. Someone check my math. If Mr. Moore was a college junior in 1958, he’d be about 21, making him born in 1929?

    If so, I found a Clark C. Moore born in 1929 living in Florida. I’m sending the university spokeswoman his info.

    1. @Mithras, yes please let someone check your math. in my world
      1958 – 21 = 1937!!!! and NOT 1929

  6. Hey, who you calling ancient? I was born in 1950 and I sure don’t consider myself ancient.

  7. This is just one of many, many examples why you shouldn’t trust the USPS with anything of value.

  8. I don’t understand this. Just because it was delivered 50 years late, they can open it and report its contents as news? The article said that they knew where the guy lived. They should have delivered the letter to him first and then asked him if they could quote from it for the article.

  9. Hello! The reason for the title “ancient” is because it wasn’t sent last week. I think anything mailed and not delivered ontime is ancient (with in a month- reasonably). So to find a letter years old should be ancient. I am not a teenager while making this statement. Stop being so dang touchy. Everyone is soo easily offended – knock it off and get a life! If you are reading this my sibling and mother were both born before the dates mentioned. They agree chill out! They should have cleaned up and figured this out long ago!

  10. Nice comments. I can’t figure out why and how this incident picked up so much traction???? I can tell you this from personal experience, Muhammad Siddeeq is a great guy! I hope this little letter thing hitting the net like this doesn’t become a burden on anyone involved.

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