Dubstep mime

[Video Link]. A lot more where that came from: here's the guy's channel, esoterradubstep. The music is Big Boss, by Doctor P.

(thanks, Tara McGinley)


  1. Oh gawd.

    When did Google/Youtube buy Myspace? That background….all I can say is at least it isn’t static and everything scrolls over it.


  2. I have to say I couldn’t stop laughing once it got to the drop. Oh man the looks that his face + the distortion filter made were hilarious!

  3. This is as much miming as Dubstep is music. I the last BoingBoing Dubstep post, I tried to humorously bash the genre, but sadly my anon. trolling was edited to 1 line.

    I’ll stick with D&B or Jungle, where at least the no-talent hacks are relegated to the red-neck clubs trying to make a buck. Just when I thought Dubstep was dead, those ironic hipsters thought it would be a perfect way to piss-off mom.

    Dubstep DJ’s of the world, honestly, set fire to your hair. The smell will be more entertaining.

      1. Some of us subscribe to a different kind of fun. I think we’d get along, I like complaining about shit too.

    1. Had to pop into the comment section to see if it flushed any geezers out of the woodwork. Glad to report that you didn’t let me down.

      1. Something that is ‘new’ (not that dub step is new) doesn’t make it ‘good’, and not liking it doesn’t make you a ‘geezer’.

    2. Mate, you do realize that the last minute of that video is Drumstep. Alas it’s a DnB video on some sort of respect. ;)

  4. Haha, his face is like one of those Windows Media Player visualizations!

    And the Notre Dame gargoyles on his shirt.

  5. He’s using the “stretch” effect in Photobooth and iChat AV on the Mac. It’s a brilliant use of the effect which happens to be one of my favorites.

  6. I… I had no idea this is what techno looks like to others. I must go to bed now, have nightmares, and apologize to everyone in the morning.

  7. Provided me with laughs for 3 minutes.
    Also, perfectly reflects (squares with?) how I view dubstep. I wouldn’t even call those people DJs if not for the fact that I mildly enjoy music which sounds close to monkey torture.

  8. I would rather listen to and watch sloths shit in front of a wall whose fresh coat of paint was still fascinatingly drying all the wall getting punched in the temple by this kid’s grandmother.

  9. Obligatory comments bagging on dubstep for no real reasons. Implication that anyone who enjoys it has no taste. Polite suggestion for dubstep artists to perish in combustion.

    so edgy so cool

  10. Music is a form of artistic expression. Who are you to say that one form of music is better than another??

  11. I just figured what he reminds me of: some creatures in Yellow Submarine with big open mouths, who spat out pictures…

  12. I like dubstep and I like funny images so I think this is pretty awesome!

    I started animating some stuff over Mr. Dubstep Mime. I can’t stop laughing.

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