Cubist Star Wars paintings

Tommervik, an artist who uses deviantART, paints beautiful cubist works, including some inspired by Star Wars and Star Trek.

TOMMERVIK on deviantART (via Neatorama)


  1. Interesting. Though I would describe his work more as Futurist than Cubist. Classic cubists (Braque and Picasso…and to a lesser extent Leger) described real world objects and still lives and people in their work. Tommervik’s work uses vague elements of Cubism (broken angles, etc) but there’s little depth. Since the subjects are “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” maybe that’s the artist’s ironic point.

  2. Yeah, not really cubist. When you look at a cubist painting you get that simultaneous flatness and depth plus the whole sense of structure. But these are kind of neat anyway. His At At painting is definitely futurist as MacBookHeir points out and is actually a pretty good painting.

  3. Yeah, definitely most Futurist/late second decade of the 20th century modernist, with a Léger twist. The one you showed was fine, but some of the other work was slightly more interesting. Slightly.

  4. It looks like this person took about 5 minutes to paint this. I love 20th century art and this does not do justice to any genre of painting. It looks like a quick drawing of the Millenium Falcon done with a brush.

    1. (No insult to the artist, it really just looks like it was a quick painting)

  5. That’s Tømmervik. He or she is probably in family with me. My grandma’s maiden name was Tømmervik.

  6. Was intrigued enough to click on the link. I don’t know from genres (so thanks to the three informed commenters above) but I know what I like. I like this. I like his other paintings too.

  7. This guy’s work is very fun. I actually own one of his paintings and have it hanging in my cubicle at work. It’s of Batman, with a giant beer belly, sitting down and taking off his boots and looking exhausted. It’s the best piece of art I’ve ever bought – never fails to bring a smile to my face when I see it.

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