Enterprise crew at the Shuttle Enterprise, 1976

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  1. Sure, those suits look funny to us today. But by the time we get our next shuttle program going, everybody will be laughing at our archaic tradition of wearing pants.

      1. I don’t know about Blunderbutt, but I’m not a big fan of the “skant”; at my age, a toga or even a mu-mu is more flattering.

    1. I don’t mean to knock the guys because this really shouldn’t matter, but I’m watching the live feed from the shuttle landing and the mission control dude fashion of today is “dorky IT dude” to the max.

      Today people “dress up” for work but don’t really understand what they’re doing or how the clothes should fit, so they look sloppy (at best). Of course, this is because the standard of “casual” dress has drastically changed and we no longer regularly wear suits or sport jackets (unfortunately). Most people today would look a *lot* better – and more professional – in casual clothes (not too casual of course) that they’re comfortable wearing while at work.

      These guys in the photo (including just the random guys in suits, I don’t mean the expensively tailored actors) look EPIC in comparison.

  2. …to the Copa Cabana?

    …where no tailor has gone before, man?

    Tour guide (to Bones): “Those little blue ones – about this high, with the funny heads – what planet did they come from again?”
    Bones: “Seriously, it was just a TV show. We weren’t REALLY in space.”

    It might just be my poor eyesight, but where’s Jim? And who are the two dudes (and they are DEFINITELY dudes, in those suits) 2nd and 3rd from right, between Chekov and Spock? I think that Scotty is the bearded one lurking behind Sulu and Uhura.

    Update: I think the one in the brown is Gene Roddenberry.

    1. Well, sort of. Never made it into space, anyway. But certainly did fly a couple of times.

      Unless you’re referring to the NCC-1701, of course, which would be funny as hell mounted to the top of a 747.

      As for the picture, man, those trouser creases are slicing my EEEEYYYYYEEEEESSS!!!!

  3. Where’s Captain Kirk?
    “Frankly Scotty I find this whole fucking episode quite irrational…”

    1. I was beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise
      What I felt what I saw was a total surprise
      I looked around and wondered can this be?
      Or is this the start of my insanity?

      Oh but it’s true
      As we went warp factor 2
      And I met all of the crew
      Where’s Captain Kirk?

      I went to the bridge and we were tossed about
      In the storm of a vortex I was hit with a doubt
      I saw in a dream in a memory of mine
      Was it you was it me who was in all the time

      Spock pulled me through
      As we went warp factor 2
      And someone I saw I knew
      Who’s Captain Kirk?

      So when I awoke from the dangers of space
      I looked and I saw a familiar face
      The time warp in space made a change in me
      For I was the captain and the captain was me

      Yes it’s so true
      As we went warp factor 2
      The changes I have been through
      As Captain Kirk
      I’m Captain Kirk

      Oh it’s so true
      As we went warp factor 2
      The changes I have been through
      As Captain Kirk
      I’m Captain Kirk

      Where’s Spock?

  4. By the way, dig the faint wide plaid on ol’ Jim Broadbent’s threads there between Koenig and The Bird. I’m having a hard time keeping my mind’s eye from picturing the whole crew heading into DeForest Kelley’s hot tub after the meet & greet.

  5. Oh, and Spock definitely won this fashion-wise – pull in the trouser flare a tad and he’d look sharp as heck strutting around NYC or LA in 2011.

    But, check out Bones’ vomit-yellow shoes! Points for trying to pull that off, anyway.

  6. Do your worst making fun of the fashion then, but I’d have given my right ovary to be there. I graduated from high school that year. The 76er’s still rule!

  7. Um, Dee Kelley’s ensemble isn’t much different from the “Starfleet civilian” clothes he wore in “Search for Spock”…

  8. I find the lyrics to the TOS soundtrack particularly appropriate:

    Beyond the rim of the star-light
    My love is wand’ring in star-flight
    I know he’ll find in star-clustered reaches
    Love, strange love a star woman teaches.
    I know his journey ends never
    His star trek will go on forever.
    But tell him while he wanders his starry sea
    Remember, remember me.

  9. Kirk:

    We need to take an Away Team to the surface of the planet. Spock, Bones and…Disco Stu! You’re with me.

  10. and btw, the Enterprise did fly, just not into space. It was used for the first glide and landing test, launched from the back of the 747 transport plane.

  11. Of interest, the Enterprise actually WAS supposed to be used as a flying spacecraft. They built it, then during the testing process, there were some design changes to the frame that significantly cut weight. It was determined that it would cost less to use a shuttle frame that had originally been built for destructive stress testing than it would be to take the Enterprise apart enough to implement the weight-saving changes.

    So they took this bare framework and turned it into a flying vehicle and it was named ‘Challenger’.

  12. I maintain to this day they had photon torpedo assemblies and phaser guns behind the nose-cone holes.

  13. Koenig wrote about that day, too, in his book Chekov’s Enterprise, a diary of his experiences filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Pretty cool look inside his head. :-)

  14. It’s 1976
    We’re standing here posing for pix
    We’re wearing our boots
    and our leisure suits
    with bell bottoms thrown into the mix.

  15. From left to right:
    Dr. James D. Fletcher, NASA Administrator
    DeForest Kelley
    George Takei
    James Doohan
    Nichelle Nichols
    Leonard Nimoy
    Gene Rodenberry
    Walter Koenig

  16. Those clothes are so Takei.

    Which is ironic, ’cause apart from the two-tone shoes, George is looking relatively staid and conservative there.

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