NMA animates #NOTW: Murdoch having sex, pie attack, Lulzsec, Wendi Deng "tiger attack"


13 Responses to “NMA animates #NOTW: Murdoch having sex, pie attack, Lulzsec, Wendi Deng "tiger attack"”

  1. adamnvillani says:

    For those of you wondering, Rupert was 37 years old when his current wife was born.

    • Ugly Canuck says:

      For those of you too young to have realized this yet, the longer one is an adult, the less relevant the age of other adults becomes to (or in) any consideration of them.

      Age differences seem to mean much more in the minds of children and of the young (ie those under 35 years of age).

      Speaking generally, once you are over 21, nobody really cares about your specific age – as it is no longer particularly relevant to (or for) anything important.

      Age discrimination amongst adults is simply another form of prejudice – and is specifically prohibited by (and in) the Canadian Constitution.

  2. Kosmoid says:

    The rendering of the “pie” must be a cultural thing.

  3. GuidoDavid says:

    She isn’t Wendy Murdoch. She is clearly Dors Venabili

  4. Anonymous says:

    aaah, the other type of dvorak.

    (this is the fourth movement. its much more powerful and dramatic when you give it the chance of being preceded by the other three.)


  5. Anonymous says:

    Holy christ that’s easily the most disturbing image I’ve seen today, which is saying something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    why did you post a video featuring murdoc having sex.

  7. chris23 says:

    Ack! Eyes burning from Murdoch-Tigress congress! Cannot unsee!

  8. gwailo_joe says:

    Count me in as a card-carrying member of the Wendi Deng fan club…without the card part.

  9. Rheinhard says:

    Dear GuidoDavid@2:

    You win the Internet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that the Canadians still value age discrimination between adults and children. I still want to be able to sit on my porch and curse the punk kids when I get older.

    Hey wait, isn’t that just for employment and housing?

  11. benher says:

    Taiwan’s animated news!!! Oh, how I miss it so!

  12. CognitiveDissident says:

    That poor victim being attacked by Dracula @ 0:45,what does that have to do with this scandal?
    Hey, it’s Gary Oldman from Bram Stoker’s Dracula!

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