Comic-Con Bingo!


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  1. chris lee says:

    Wrong spelling of “Wookiee”, and two different constructs of “Stormtrooper”. At least the Dragon*Con bingo cards get those two right…

  2. g0d5m15t4k3 says:

    I’m pretty sure I could do this also for Dragon*Con in Atlanta.I don’t have the cash for SDCC, so D*C is the closest I get. I’d fall into the “band of steampunks” category.

  3. lknope says:

    How would you know if the Spiderman was gay unless you asked? Seems rude.

  4. bklynchris says:

    “Tight Costume” Good?

    • Little John says:

      I think that’s Tight costume (good) as opposed to Tight costume (bad), e.g., a 20-year old slave-bikini being worn by a “Princess Leia” who has meanwhile expanded to more closely resemble Jabba the Hut.

  5. TooGoodToCheck says:

    Metagame – there are twelve possible ways to make five in a row. Of those, which could most realistically be accomplished by a single con goer?

  6. Corey Marie says:

    Here’s the one we put together a few years back (2003? 2004?) as a giveaway for our indie comic publishing company, Young American Comics:

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was gonna say, I remember the Young American Comics bingos fondly.

    I also think that the comic-con list should have some stalwarts of the last decade on there, like Bob the Angry Flower, and the tinfoil robot guy and the giant Pikachu and the Ugly Dolls and the Ghostbusters teams.

  8. ransom notes says:

    Fortunately, I live in San Francisco and have interesting friends – so I can play this year round. :D
    thanks for sharing David & Greg!

  9. cubby96 says:

    At risk of being called a nerd, isn’t it spelled Wookiee?

    • Donald Petersen says:

      It is. Really, just knowing what a Wookiee is (never mind the spelling) would have been what qualified you for nerddom, back in the day. These days, the only people who misspell Wookiee are wannabe geeks, and my mind reels that there ever came to be such a creature.

  10. Anonymous says:

    my friend posted a Tight Costume (good) and Wookee in the same pic.

  11. narrowstreetsLA says:

    Are you kidding? You’d yell “BLACKOUT!” within minutes. Gotta love Con. :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to be gay to make out with other guys.

    Trust me on this. :-)

  13. colin says:

    With the BB redesign, my comment was deleted… I’ll never be able to recreate my witty remarks, but it was something along these lines:
    I apologize to the Wookiee and Stormtrooper communities for the spelling mistakes. The Young American Comics Bingo is awesome, and the only advantage ours (Last Gasp) has is that it randomizes when you reload the page.  And thanks to “Anonymous” for the suggestions for new squares — we’ll add those for next year.  Feel free to use this for D*C.  Unfortunately, won’t be there to give you sweet prizes. –Colin @lastgaspbooks:twitter 

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