Hi-rez Disneyland 1962 map

Paul sez, "Flickr user Wishbook has uploaded a beautiful hi-res scan of a 1962 map of Disneyland. The map shows the park, monorail lines, and the associated Disneyland Hotel. Check out the 'orginal' size image and you can read all of the tiny captions!"

1962-xx-xx 1962 Map, Disneyland, 1313 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California, USA (Thanks, Paul!)


  1. Edison Square and Liberty Street were proposed at Disneyland, but never actually built in Anaheim. Some of the plans for this area were incorporated into the design of Liberty Square in Disney World.

    1. Edison Square and Liberty Street were proposed at Disneyland, but never actually built in Anaheim.

      I was wondering about that. I remember when there were two Autopiae (hee hee), but I was all weirded out by that Edison Square/Liberty Street/Griffin’s Wharf stuff.

      And hey, itsgene, this map contains New Orleans Square (though in a smaller typeface than the other Lands, since I guess they considered it a subset of Frontierland), including both the Pirates ride (opening in ’67, according to ye Pedia o’ the Wiki) and the Haunted Mansion (whose exterior was finished in ’63, but didn’t open as a ride until ’69, I guess).

      If this map were an accurate representation of what was actually open in 1962, I think it’d win, if for no other reason than that there’s no hint whatsoever of the impending arrival of The Worst Ride Ever, the Shame of the ’64 World’s Fair, Uncle Walt’s Tenth Circle of Hell, It’s A Small World Of Vomit In Your Mouth.

      I understand they shortened the name during the cross-country move.

  2. Nice!!!

    I may take a stab at fixing the wrinkles. I’ll try to remember to post it here if I do.

  3. I still have the c. 1990 version at my parent’s house – 1990 versus 1962 already seems sad (’62 being the clear winner), the current park compared to 1990 is ever worse. I’ve never understood why they take features OUT, i.e. the people mover, the destruction (and resurrection) of the Tiki Hut. What next, close the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse to make way for a McDonald’s kiosk?

    1. Bad news, dude. They changed it to the Tarzan Treehouse about 10 years ago.

      And the Peoplemover was hilariously dated even in the mid-80s, even after they added the Tron clips to make it all future-y. I’ve only been on that Rocket Ride (I think it’s Toy-Story-related) once, but it’s at least a small improvement.

      I still miss Adventure Through Inner Space. I mean, Star Tours is nice and all, but I loved the giant eye staring at me through the microscope.

    2. Darn those kids, always changing things!
      Well, since that 1962 map we’ve gotten so many amazing new things at Disneyland. It’s a Small World, New Orleans Square, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, three big thrilling mountains, whole new lands… too many things to count. I don’t think I’d count 1962 as the winner.
      I have no idea what you mean by the “Tiki Hut,” but the Enchanted Tiki Room is still there and has never gone away. Perhaps you’re thinking of Walt Disney World?
      Sadly, the Swiss Family Treehouse closed some time ago, and is now Tarzan’s Treehouse. The Swiss family must have made a fortune, ‘cos Tarzan acquired it during the boom before the real estate bust.
      Time change, and Disneyland changes. Even Walt Disney mercilessly ripped things out and replaced them time and time again. It was never meant to be an unchanging world.

  4. I TOTALLY had this poster on the wall of my playroom as a kid. My little brother and I would scrutinize it and talk about all the places we’d go, and in what order, when we went to Disneyland.

    Nice to see it again.

  5. I tried viewing the biggy sized print at Flickr and it locked up my browser good and solid.

    There’s a rich vein of possibility in SPOOF theme park maps. Or altered Disneyland maps showing Rides That Never Were that you can use to mess with people’s heads. (“Yeah, that’s the George and the Dragon Ride. My brother and I rode it two days before that kid stood up and got impaled on the dragon’s head. They sure covered that one up good.”)

  6. I could have sworn that I heard Sam McKim say one time that he hid his name or initials in greenery somewhere. I I’ve been poring over the hi-res version but I can’t find them anywhere. Anyone?

    1. Lower right-hand corner. Directly to the left of the entrance to the covered bridge, just to the right of the scrolled edge of the banner.

  7. What is shown as Edison Street in 1962 ended up being the GE Carousel of Progress located in Tomorrowland. That was a “cool” ride, both in the imaginary and literal sense (because it was air conditioned). I remember Liberty Square as a place with changing exhibits about our country’s history. A fixture there was “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”, which was expanded much later into the “Hall of Presidents” as was envisioned here in 1962.

    1. Actually, the Carousel of Progress showed up where the “Space Bar” is located on this map. The building is still there. After Carousel of Progress it became America Sings and today it is Innoventions. They still use the rotating platform there.

      You can still see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland (it returned a couple years ago after being on hiatus since the 50th anniversary.) But there never actually was a Liberty Square at Disneyland.

  8. I’m sure everyone already knows- but did you notice that the whole park is shaped like Mickey’s head?

  9. I too was thrown off by the Liberty Street and Edison Square – looks like there would have been some cool stuff there. I vaguely remember something like that at Disneyworld but not quite at the scale as here (I’m much more familiar with Disneyland since I live nearby).

    I’m not sure what it was actually like there, but it seems they were a lot more focused on the experience and the atmosphere back then. There hardly seems to be any rides at all… I think it must have been intended that you spend a lot more time than you would today watching the shows and the entertainers and so on. Also there seems to be a lot more “world’s fair” type stuff – there is some of that sort of thing still around, but not as much (and most of it isn’t that interesting). The Monsanto Chemical House of the Future looks pretty sweet.

    Also, be sure to check out the hot chick at the hotel pool!

  10. Thats great. On a recent trip to Disneyland I found an old style Disney poster But has all of the new rides. Although it it doesn’t have the hotels it’s really cool and really big. I think it was one of the things I’ve ever bought. And even if it was only $5 I still bought a $25 frame. In case you want one their in the toontown store in the back. I didnt see it anyplace else but i’m sure the world of disney store.

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