Sesame Street/Beastie Boys mashup

This Sesame Street/Beastie Boys "Sure Shot" mashup does some very clever stuff with fast and slow framerates that makes the puppets appear to be perfect lipsynchers. It's virtuoso editing and a demonstration of the puppet's natural place in mashups.

(via Kottke)


  1. Tight, but I do have a quibble with the summary.

    If they were really “perfect” lip-synchers, they wouldn’t appear to be lip-synching, they would appear to be singing. :)

  2. Poor Bert (:57).

    How can you tell the difference between a drummer for a rock band and a drummer for an orchestra or marching band? The latter know what practice pads are.

  3. any wizardry they may have had is ruined on the web. Errm…this is what the Beastie Boys do. I’ve been a fans since they started…and I’d be happy for anything good, but on the interwebs, doesn’t come through.

  4. My 3.5yo is going to go crazy for this. He loves this track and demands it whenever we get in the car…

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