Sesame Street/Beastie Boys mashup


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is better:

  2. Puppetboy says:

    I agree with Cory about the lip sync, not perfect.

    These folks got it better, and used the Muppet show!

  3. The B-Roll says:

    I did something totally similar using Intergalactic and the cartoon series from the 80′s M.A.S.K.

    Unfortunately, EMI won’t allow you to play it in the U.S. I guess it may still play in other countries like the UK.

  4. yclept says:

    any wizardry they may have had is ruined on the web. Errm…this is what the Beastie Boys do. I’ve been a fans since they started…and I’d be happy for anything good, but on the interwebs, doesn’t come through.

  5. syphax says:

    I don’t know… in the Sesame Street rap genre, it’s awfully hard to beat:

  6. Djinn PAWN says:

    Man, this is so solid I think it may have its own gravity.

  7. cory says:

    Tight, but I do have a quibble with the summary.

    If they were really “perfect” lip-synchers, they wouldn’t appear to be lip-synching, they would appear to be singing. :)

  8. knoxblox says:

    Poor Bert (:57).

    How can you tell the difference between a drummer for a rock band and a drummer for an orchestra or marching band? The latter know what practice pads are.

  9. Karloskar says:

    My 3.5yo is going to go crazy for this. He loves this track and demands it whenever we get in the car…

  10. Field Days says:

    Here we see the classic “Telephone Rock” clip edited to an eloquent Australian gentleman’s phone call regarding his hot water heater…

  11. Chester says:

    I didn’t like the way it cut off so I finished it

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