Whitecross Street Party: street art in East London

Dan Hillier writes, "The Whitecross Street Party: Rise of the non-conformists is a two-day street party and four week exhibition featuring some of the world's most creative pranksters and musical mischief makers. For two days on the 23rd and 24th July the Street will become a celebration of the arts involving some of the most exciting local and international creatives who will transform the city landscape into a giant outdoor art gallery."

Hoo-yah! This is right around the corner from my flat, and what's more, it's ALSO around the corner from my favorite London coffee spot, the tiny Giddy-Up coffee stall in Fortune Park. Great coffee and street art? Count me the hell in!

::Whitecross Street Party::: (Thanks, Dan!)


  1. As I read that, I’m in a room with a Dan Hillier print of “Forest” framed on my wall. If the other artists are at least half as talented as Hillier, then it promises to be a great exhibition.

  2. i wonder what ever happened to the utter “conformists” who used to populate whitecross street when i worked around the corner on banner st in the 79/80. hard to tell if its for the good or bad that its old white working class stiff demographics is being replaced by The Non-Conformists …

    speaking of whom is it really necessary for this generation’s “slightly to one side of a giant middle bump in the norms and habits curve” to wear their demographic identity so loudly on their sleeves? or am i just becoming a grumpy old man faster than i can count? or did i just miss some pop-culture reference and am now doomed to the ranks of the terminal un-boinged?

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