Whitecross Street Party: street art in East London


5 Responses to “Whitecross Street Party: street art in East London”

  1. zapan says:

    Haha, Go Greendale Human Beings !

  2. Anonymous says:

    As I read that, I’m in a room with a Dan Hillier print of “Forest” framed on my wall. If the other artists are at least half as talented as Hillier, then it promises to be a great exhibition.

  3. princeminski says:

    I love everything about this! Especially the poster.

  4. pauldavis says:

    i wonder what ever happened to the utter “conformists” who used to populate whitecross street when i worked around the corner on banner st in the 79/80. hard to tell if its for the good or bad that its old white working class stiff demographics is being replaced by The Non-Conformists …

    speaking of whom is it really necessary for this generation’s “slightly to one side of a giant middle bump in the norms and habits curve” to wear their demographic identity so loudly on their sleeves? or am i just becoming a grumpy old man faster than i can count? or did i just miss some pop-culture reference and am now doomed to the ranks of the terminal un-boinged?

  5. anthony smout says:

    Whitecross street is THE best place for street food on the edge of the ‘City’.

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