Creatures made from recycled tires

Sculptor Yong Ho Ji makes the most astounding sculptures -- animals, people, fanciful mutants -- out of recycled tires. This is great work.

Yong Ho Ji (via This is Colossal)


  1. Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine.  “Recycling” refers to turning the material of an item back into raw materials, so it can be made into new goods.  Like, re-pulping paper egg cartons to be formed into new egg cartons.  Or, melting plastic or glass down to be made into new plastic or glass items.  Taking an old item and reusing it for another purpose is reusing or repurposing.

    That said, this artist is fantastic.  He manages to turn strips of old tires into skin, fur, flesh.  It’s incredible!

  2. I saw these a few months ago in a shopping mall display in Hong Kong – they do indeed look fantastic, but they smell terrible!

  3. I’m feeling nit-picky today

    Unless the tires were recycled when they were originally manufactured, this headline doesn’t make sense.
    Headlines that would make sense:

    Creatures repurposed from tires
    Creatures made from old tires
    Creatures made from tires

    Thank you for indulging my nitpicking.

  4. The artist’s site seems have been slash-dotted by the exposure.

    I can’t say for certain, since I cannot read Chinese, and that is all the error page gives you (the url you are redirected to lists it as 503.html, so it is some generic error message…)

    But the stuff I got to look at before it locked up ranged from ‘neat’ to ‘wow’.  And, yeah, the medium would require a lengthy airing out or an outdoor installation.

    1. The page (which is in Korean) says that the site has exceeded it’s traffic limit. This is a daily traffic limit, though, which resets every day at midnight. Apparently the limit has already been exceeded again today (even though it’s not even noon here). 

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out what the mean, nasty predatory race of aliens from the novel I’m working on are going to look like for a week or so now–and now I know! Thanks, tire-artist!

  6. This man has taken things out of my nightmares and made them real.

    This is a compliment by the way. I think.

  7. Yep, the original link appears to be dead, but just run a google search on “Yong Ho Ji artist” and you’ll find plenty of galleries associated with his art. The works are really lovely, and it isn’t until you see them in an outdoor setting that you realize they’re designed to mimic “life size” creatures.

  8. Unbelievable! @Cory:disqus : Thanks for posting this! What a superb (and green) way to utilize very non-biodegradable material. I’m blown away by the detail.

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