Photography-themed Rube Goldberg machine

Canada's 2D Photography created this amazing Rube Goldberg device out of photography stuff of all descriptions, and made the whole thing so witty and fun that I watched it twice in a row.

Rube Goldberg

(via Make)


    1. Probably, also I think there is also another reference to a famous Rube Goldberg machine at that point (more obscure perhaps).
      The fly-wheel, or ratchet being used at that point looks like (and makes an incredibly similar sound to) the one used at the very beginning of a famous Honda advert.

  1. Wow. I had on my surprised and pleasantly bemused look while watching this. I really can’t imagine the process that leads to the finished project. In terms of time, creativity, and frustration tolerance.

  2. Noticing the many photos of the model lady on the computer screen before the one taken during the video, I wonder how many times this did not go as planned :)

    Also, noticing the four wooden dolls with paint cannons, I can’t help but wonder if that was a nod to this video:

    I love Rube Goldberg machines. Their like conspicuous consumption for brainy people.

    Yay! HTML works for me again :D

  3. Terrific! As a Purdue grad, Rube Goldberg machines have a sweet spot in my heart. This was really a nicely done one! Great pacing, creative use of themed objects, and overall it was just totally fun to watch! (I’d still love to see an outtake reel to see what parts of the machine were hanging up on previous takes.)

  4. Unfortunately the video is also a promo for one of those disgusting penny auctions site. Beautiful like anthrax spores seen through an electron microscope…

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