EFF's limited edition, glowing ENCRYPTION SAVES tees for DEFCON signups

If you're headed to Las Vegas for DEFCON this summer, you're one of the lucky few who'll be able to get one of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark "Encryption Saves" tees, only available to people who join the organization at the event. I won't be there this year (sob!) but I will be in 2012, where I'll be delivering a keynote. Can't wait!



  1. Is it that time of year again already?

    I wonder who’ll deliver the keynote lawsuit this year…

  2. I’d like clarification on what “premium-level donors” means. Does it mean any donation that qualifies for a premium?

  3. I hate missing Defcon, but it’s thousands of miles away and I stopped using airlines when they started confiscating everyone’s tools and weapons.

    I enjoyed the few times I attended and recommend the event highly to anyone interested in computers and security.

  4. I am assuming you won’t get a shirt unless you at least become  Copper Member $65 since the one below ($25) you get stickers

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