EFF's limited edition, glowing ENCRYPTION SAVES tees for DEFCON signups


4 Responses to “EFF's limited edition, glowing ENCRYPTION SAVES tees for DEFCON signups”

  1. Gulliver says:

    Is it that time of year again already?

    I wonder who’ll deliver the keynote lawsuit this year…

  2. jackie31337 says:

    I’d like clarification on what “premium-level donors” means. Does it mean any donation that qualifies for a premium?

  3. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I hate missing Defcon, but it’s thousands of miles away and I stopped using airlines when they started confiscating everyone’s tools and weapons.

    I enjoyed the few times I attended and recommend the event highly to anyone interested in computers and security.

  4. Mike says:

    I am assuming you won’t get a shirt unless you at least become  Copper Member $65 since the one below ($25) you get stickers

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