Ads visible from space

Colsannnn Fifty years of weather have worn it down, but this image depicts the first advertisement visible from space, the Readymix logo. KFC tried to claim in 2006 that their one square mile Colonel Sanders portrait in Nevada was the "world's first brand visible from outer space", but the bloggers at Google Sightseeing dispelled that myth. NPR has a slideshow of "astrotisements" from the Google Sightseeing site.
"What On Earth? Art And Ads That Can Be Seen From Space"


  1. I’m pretty sure the Nazca Lines are an advertisement pointing to the tasty cattle that the space aliens use to refill their meat replicators.  Planet Earth is like culinary tourism for aliens.

    1. The Studebaker trees are interesting, but not sure if they’re big enough to count as “visible from space”.  Looking at Google Earth, I can easily make out the elliptical track at an “altitude” of 35 miles, but the trees become visible as a long clump of trees around  11 miles, distinguishable as letters around 40,000 feet, and legible around 25,000 feet.

  2. Yes, someone really needs to define “Visible from space” as “Viewable from low earth obit with the unaided eye”.

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