Science Hack Day gets grant funding, goes global

My Institute for the Future (IFTF) colleague Ariel "Spacehack" Waldman and Science Hack Day have launched a new initiative to help communities organize their own Science Hack Days around the world. Science Hack Day is a 48-hour event where scientists, designers, artists, and developers get together to make and do science and science-related projects. The new effort is supported with a grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to IFTF, where Ariel is a research affiliate. Congrats, Ariel! This is terrific news.
 Img Logo-1 Thanks to this generous support, 10 people interested in organizing a Science Hack Day from around the world will be selected to win a scholarship for a trip to Science Hack Day San Francisco, occurring November 12-13, 2011, where they'll experience first-hand how Science Hack Day works and connect with a global community of organizers. This Science Hack Day Ambassador Program will award individuals who are motivated and planning to organize a Science Hack Day in their city. Open source instructions for how to create a Science Hack Day in your city and how to apply to the Science Hack Day Ambassador Program by August 31, 2011 are available at
Science Hack Day Goes Global