Spock is Not Impressed


15 Responses to “Spock is Not Impressed”

  1. knoxblox says:

    Kirk is captain of a starship, and doesn’t know what a black hole is?

  2. Advent says:

    The best one is Scoble cheering with his new ipad1

  3. I am impressed by Spock’s unimpression.

  4. Merzmensch says:

    Awesome! Gonna be new meme?

  5. Roland Rufer says:

    It’s hard to be impressed with a single rainbow.
    Now a double rainbow on the other hand…

  6. Robert Menes says:

    Not even Muhammad Ali could impress Spock.

  7. Robert Menes says:

    Someone has to do that one!

  8. GreenJello says:

    Lenny Bruce is not afraid!

  9. Senor Schaffer says:

    Even though Spock knew that the pot of gold was not logical he was still a little bummed out when he didn’t find it.

  10. Honey Badger don’t give a sh!t.

  11. emic says:

    Is this a good time to mention that I love the internets? I love the internets.

  12. Diego Wu says:

    spock is not impressed by social media http://www.slideshare.net/socialnerdia/spock-is-not-impressed-by-55-old-social-media-sites-8709848

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