The art of Ken Reid: World Wide Weirdies


6 Responses to “The art of Ken Reid: World Wide Weirdies”

  1. I loved these when I was a kid, as well as his fantastic character Faceache. They were amazingly weird for children’s comics.

  2. walter davis says:

    i like the box with the dick-nose

  3. nehpetsE says:

    These are great! Itsworth noting that Aeron Alfrey (whose flicker stream this) is also an amazing artist of the absurdly grotesque. 

  4. Rich Keller says:

    I was wondering how I missed these over the years and it must be because he’s from Britain. I have to look up more of his drawings. Is ite me, or does it seem that he was influential on some of the Games Workshop critters, like the orks and gobbos?

  5. Joey Anuff says:

    That Flickr gallery is instant-revelation material. Tell me this is all well-orchestrated promotion for a just-published retrospective? 

  6. geech says:

    Great find Mark!!  So psyched to discover these! Totally Wolverton with Aragones flavorings in the margins. Excellence!!

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