How getting beaten by cops helped Paul Krassner learn mindfulness


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  1. Blaze Curry says:

    Man, that makes me want to wear knee armor all the time. I mean, I don’t live in toronto; my risk of an unsolicited assault by a “police officer” is very low. But still.

  2. Guest says:

    Ugh, twisted and in constant pain… if only I couldn’t relate to that… :(

    Amazing story, how horrifying that must have been.

  3. Nas says:

    Krassner.  Awesome journalism and activism since before I can remember and still, every once in a while, he amazes me.

  4. rrot says:

    Cops have difficult jobs [/idiot]

  5. Anne Onimos says:

    Car alarms?? In 1979??

  6. Marc Brandl says:

    Great hour long interview with Paul by Marc Maron over at WTF podcast from 2011…

  7. speleothem says:

    He should have sued them.  Dolores Huerta received a similar brutal beating by the SFPD in 1988 during a peaceful protest.  She received serious injuries but sued and won, and was awarded substantial damages which she donated to the farm workers cause. 

  8. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I found the linked story baffling; it seemed to have little regard for cause and effect or narrative continuity.  He was beaten in 1979 and got a rib busted and a lung punctured, but then eight years later he had spinal problems, then years later started falling down?  I had my rib busted and lung punctured (& collapsed) around the same time, but none of that other stuff happened to me – what’s the connection?  I don’t get it!

  9. Jim Slemaker says:

    Um, maybe its not such a good idea to be in an angry mob burning a dozen police cars?

  10. milesaway says:

    Jim Slemaker-
    He is a journalist and was covering the trial. RTFAHe has taken chances his whole life, and has made the world a better place for it.What have you done?Now be safe, go back to your couch and never experience life.

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