Friday Freak-Out: The Hi-5's "Did you have to rub it in?" (1965)


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  1. virtual human says:

    EDIT: The 13th Floor Elevators weren’t on Vanguard but they’re still awesome psychedelic rock from the same era.

  2. David Pescovitz says:

    Huh? The 13th Floor Elevators weren’t on Vanguard. Did you read the post?

  3. dschille says:

    Is the drummer wearing the same sweater as The Dude?

  4. pepik says:

    Wow! The drummer lost a stick at 0:48, which is probably why the lead singer gets that look on his face. He apparently didn’t have a spare, as he’s one-sticked the rest of the song. You can’t tell by listening – in fact, I was thinking that his hand must have been hurting like hell by the end of the song, since he was hitting the snare with it. That is, until I realized that the drum track we hear is not what he’s playing. When he drops the stick, and clearly is fumbling for it, you can still hear the snare, even though he’s not playing it. Maybe the Invisible Pink Unicorn was lending a, um, horn?

  5. scifijazznik says:

    Further proof that excellent pop songs needn’t be 4:30 long.  That’s a great find.  I’ve come to look forward to the Friday Freak-Out and you haven’t let me down so far.

    My personal Friday Freak-Out came as I was flipping through the L.A. Weekly over breakfast and saw that Brainticket and Nektar were going to be playing on September 3rd.  Huw Lloyd Langton from Hawkwind and Helios Creed from Chrome are opening.  I’m unsure whether it will be outrageously mind-bending or outrageously sucky.  I saw Helios several times back when he was on Amphetamine Reptile and he was always a trip.  If any of my fellow Boinger burnouts want to weigh in, I’d appreciate it.  Didn’t mean to threadjack….

    • k386 says:

      The original is 3:10 – which i only found out by listening to the studio version offered up at the end of this video – just saying.

      Friday Freakouts are rapidly becoming one of my favourite feature on here

    • lewis_stoole says:

      my previous comment was meant to be a reply to scifijazznik

  6. lewis_stoole says:

    i had a friday freakout like that from the la weekly for trad, gras, och stener, a swedish group from the late 60′s to early 70′s.  i think falling james rec’d it.  
    it was in the small, intimate room at the now defunct knitting was awesome.  for an entire minute, the audience did not even know the band had started, ambient sounds from the drums, some guitar and bass, until the sound expanded into “tio minuter”, a song they did as parson sound.  i bought their entire discography at the show.  the covert intro is actually on the cd, but was not included in this youtube clip of “tio minuter”

  7. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    I look forward all week to Friday Freak Out!

  8. David Pescovitz says:

    Thanks so much for the support, everyone! If any of you have Friday Freak-Out suggestions, I’m all ears!

  9. jphilby says:

    Welcome post. Vanguard was a very interesting label that took chances and put out a lot of stuff that wasn’t going to make a lot of money – but did launch a lot of notable careers. Clearly they were in it for love of the music, which was pretty freaking rare in The Industry.

    A class act; I always appreciate learning more about it.

  10. jonjonz says:

    Perfect example of ‘The Lurch’ type of everyone play on the same beat.  An extremely common bad practice of garage bands especially on songs like Louie Louie etc. 

    Whats with the heavy sweaters?  Was this filmed in Canada?

  11. lewis_stoole says:

    i especially liked the electric lucifer friday freakout.

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