How to go to a sushi-ya in Japan ("The Japanese Tradition" spoof video series)


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  1. Here’s the official information

    Can be purchased here
    It’s region 2, and isn’t subtitled except for what you see (Sushi has no subtitles). For some reason, I have the official subtitles for the series and as no western distributor seems interested in picking this title up so many years after release, I’m sure I could help if anybody needed them.

    That’s me grinning awkwardly in onigiri by the way!! :-)

  2. TC Lin says:

    I think these guys also did the Japanese version of the Mac/PC commercials for Apple.

  3. Wise Vehicle says:

    The best thing about this video, for me, is that it’s actually a very easy to understand the narrator’s Japanese, and while exaggerated, it’s actually a fair primer on some of the customs at a Sushi-ya. Sorting out the jokes from the reality might be hard, BUT
    If you are learning Japanese, I highly recommend this video.

  4. They did indeed do the Mac/PC commercials. I subtitled them as well on YouTube (easy enough to search I won’t link it). Not official as they didn’t ask and it was obviously a work for hire job, but all things considered, let’s call it the official unofficial subs.

    Facebook login has gotten my wife instead of me by the way…

  5. Buddy Bradley says:

    Well the original sushi video was covertly subtitled by a British-born Japanese naturalized citizen named Kaori (formerly Colin).  The video went viral after that. He was worried that the creators would go after him and yank his version from the interwebz, but instead they offered him a job! Cool guys. I don’t know if he still works for them or not.

    • Kaoru, that’s me. Did a bit of voiceover work for them about 3 years back for an unrelated project, but otherwise they’ve moved onto greener and more profitable pastures, and I’m left basking in the light of a project I was involved in half a decade ago, touring the discussion forum circuit etc. ;-)

      • Buddy Bradley says:

        Yes, Kaoru! I realized that after I sent it. (Kaori of course being a female name…) Well done with the video, it’s mostly because of you that it became so popular. We’ve corresponded many times on the original forum that this video debuted on, you know which one :)

        Xeni, hope you’re having fun in Japan, it’s an amazing place and I wish I still lived there!

  6. pimlottc says:

    What surprised me most is that these were originally made for a domestic Japanese audience.  It seems custom crafted for us gaijin, playing off our common stereotypes and misunderstandings of Japanese culture.

    • 秀平 月 says:

      Thing is, the average foreigner probably doesn’t know which parts are accurate and what is over the top (I know people who just accepted the sushi and tea ones as fact). Many Râmenzu sketches involve somebody playing dumb and not knowing anything about the Japanese language (involving silly, pseudo-foreign accents) or culture.

  7. Mark says:

    Actually, what surprised ME most is that our Xeni the Hip Globetrotter is just now making it to the Land of the Rising Sun!

  8. Guest says:

    Mmm, sushi… :9

  9. Jon Van Dyke says:

    There is another series, likely on YouTube, of live performances around the world where they parody the stereotypes held by Japanese of the country where they are performing.  The parody typically involves a Japanese language class. Their American classroom is full of high-fiving boisterous sex fiends, students in the French classroom are clad in black turtlenecks and laugh…Frenchly. They’re pretty good at both giving and taking when it comes to cross-cultural hangups.

  10. bcsizemo says:

    Fairlady Z sushi … epic.

  11. Mace Ojala says:

    I’ve seen (and enjoyed) the sushi -episode before, but never realized there’s more of them. Thanks!

  12. Phart says:

    Good stuff, but pretty half-assed subtitles on the “Ocha” video.

  13. The Taisho has a hidden personnel past. You must never ask about it…

  14. MrMarieBlanc says:

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  15. NelC says:

    Yes, have a good trip, Xeni. Japan is wonderful, I guarantee that it will not be like anything you were expecting. (Though it will probably be hot and muggy this time of year. Drink lots, and stay near the aircon.)

  16. Muse-Thalia says:

    *hehehe* I remember watching these at the Melbourne International Film Festival. There’s one on dating I don’t see here that I loved.

    When you are in Japan eat the breakfast your hotel offers, eat your main meal at lunch when you can get nice dishes at a lower price, then have fun at a Japanese supermarket and buy yourself lunch type food for your supper.  This way you both have more fun and get more bang for your buck while eating. (Japanese supermarkets are awesome)

  17. snakedart says:

    I have loved these videos for years.

    “This is gari.  No one knows what it’s made from.”

  18. chumpmeat says:

    So where you going to be in Japan, Xeni?

  19. wrybread says:

    My favorite on the sushi conspiracy:

  20. chumpmeat says:

    How’d you like them apples, just now?

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