How To: Launch a cork rocket using an LED


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  1. Ashen Victor says:

    Great! Now they will ban ultraviolet light from planes!

  2. pizzicato says:

    How does this work again?

    Say if I pass a current through salt water with 2 pencil rod, add ultraviolet light = kaboom?

  3. They recorded the reaction using a 480-FPS camera.  It *looked like* a simple point-and-shoot.  Does anybody know what model this was?  If it is affordable, I have to get me one of those.

  4. Donald Petersen says:

    I remember learning about this reaction as a kid.  A balloon, filled with hydrogen gas and chlorine gas.  Then you light a strip of magnesium some distance away (or generate sufficient UV light some other way), and ka-blammo.  What I always wondered (any chemists out there know?) was whether you’d end up with a rain of HCl acid when the balloon burst, ’cause if so, what a naughty thing to bring to a birthday party.

    Be an interesting way to take out one of the guards at a movie villain’s HQ, however.

  5. Sam Data says:

    Hmmm… Take the test tube with you camping, set it up when you fall asleep, first rays of dawn… perfect alarm clock!

  6. Brewer_ME says:

    No, Maggie- this did not make up for your worm video.  It’s going to take more than things popping out of cylinders to … oh wait  GAH!

  7. knoxblox says:

    Oh, a CORK rocket…

    So much cooler than a grape/potato gun, IHMO.

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