Ossuary Dice: 3D-printed polyhedral dice worked with skulls

More funky 3D-printed RPG dice from Shapeways -- this time it's Aegidian's "Ossuary Dice" worked with a decorative skull motif. Good companion set for your Thorn Dice.

Ossuary Dice Set


  1. These are just so neat. I almost wish I was still RPGing so I could use a set. Tempted to get a set anyway.
    And yes, popcorn! They really ought to be the slightly yellowed tone of old bone, which would make them look even crunchier.

  2. There really needs to be a good automatic resin coat or dip that you can
    run these things through to get a good finish; most of the 3D printed
    stuff I’ve seen looks only partially complete.  Paint would also be an

  3. i am surprised nobody seems to have made a big attempt at printing war gaming miniatures…

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