StagConf: Vienna conference on stories and games

StagConf is a European conference on stories and games, to be held in Vienna's adorably insane Natural History Museum (the world's maddest, overflowingest taxidermy displays, including a broke-necked giraffe with Frankenstein stitches, an infamous alcoholic chimp, and many other critters etoufees). It's a one-day affair, on Sept 27: "You will meet game designers and writers who have worked on games in every imaginable form: from adventures to MMOs, from AAA console to the web, from social games to pen and paper RPGs." (Thanks, Alice!)


  1. Living in New York, but originally from Vienna, the Naturhistorisches Museum is probably what I miss most about my hometown. If you ever find yourself in the city for a week or more, definitely arrange for one of their seafood dinners! They happen after closing hours, and you eat in the main atrium, among oversized crustacean fossils, and then you are taken on a nighttime tour of the storage and archives of the museum… drawer after drawer filled with bones… as well as a trip to the roof which offers a spectacular view of the city. Oh man, I’m making myself homesick.

  2. That is a really awesome museum. Never been to the late-night dinner though. Would definitely like to try that next time I’m in Vienna.

  3. “Etouffée” should mean “stuffed,” but it doesn’t; it means “suffocated” or “stifled.” “To stuff” in French is “bourrer,” “boucher,” or, in the case of taxidermy, “empailler.” Sorry to be such a pedant!

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