Kaleidoscopic maps: Rorschmap


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  1. tiredofit says:


  2. Wish it would let you zoom in/out the same stable image. Assuming that would be a difficulty.

  3. fxq says:

    Please make another one that turns Google maps into 2001-style slit scan panoramas!!!

  4. Russ says:

    This is excellent!!

  5. bookofjoe says:

     Then 26-year-old cartographer Nikolas Schiller mapped this space back in 2007:


  6. Spence Daniel says:

    Very similar to Pallalink http://www.pallalink.net/modx/

  7. Martin Fussen says:

    Another googlemap mashup: http://placespotting.com/
    Create your own map quiz and send it to your friends…

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