Not quite Kickstarted: Robots Love Ice Cream iPad game

Today I got a message from Burton Posey on Google+ about a Kickstarter project he's working on with his wife. They're making an iPad game called "Robots Love Ice Cream". I liked the art they'd been working on, and I especially liked that they were having music created especially for the game by Disasterpeace. Since it hasn't met its goal yet, I made a small donation to the project. If you'd like to do the same, you only have a couple hours left to do so, as the project's fundraising deadline looms before us. Robots Love Ice Cream on Kickstarter


  1. $18.950 ??? What happened to the old investing your time into a project you believe in, publishing it and waiting for the results? 
    If it’s really worth it, you shouldn’t need any funding. It’s software. It’s an iPad game, no matter how complex it can be (it’s a matter of time). Everyone already knows that throwing money or people at a problem isn’t going to solve it… 

    I can be totally wrong also…

  2. Why can’t they just make the game? There is a very low barrier to enter the App Store. 100$ to get access and submit n amount of games. As a developer, I don’t feel that is much need to get preorders / funding etc since they are doing everything themselves. Why not just put the time in with nothing up front and then sell it on the app store?

  3. I view Kickstarter projects with some skepticism.  I’m all for the idea of crowd sourcing, but most of the pitches seem to be made solely on the basis of good will and enthusiasm.  They said it’s their first iOS game and offer very little evidence that they have the technical and organization skills to pull off a project like this.  Sure, they have some cool design sketches but there’s more than that to game development.

    I’d be interested to see some numbers about the true Kickstarter success rate; not just how many projects get funded, but how many actually accomplish everything they planned.

    1. Their page says the money is to get some developers, which I understood when I read the Kickstarter ToS was pretty much a no-no. So, I don’t get it.

        1. Well, it’s been about 8 weeks since I read it, so I could be getting it wrong. But there are some interesting stipulations on what they will and what accept to post. The site says that only “projects” are acceptable and that “business ideas” are out.

          I suppose there’s no way to know if they got it accepted without the part about looking for programmers.

  4. last night i was going to post the same thing. the apple app store has gone a long, long way t opening up the market to random people. i don’t see why they need any money upfront to do this unless they just have no other source of income… but its a free country and they can do whatever they want to do to get funding.

  5. I’ve started to hate kickstarter. I really, really, really wanna be a cool guy and contribute but… why exactly should I give them $10 now for a game I can probably buy on iPad for $2 when it comes out? Unless of course they plan on selling it for $10, in which case I can support such a hideously run business plan.

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