Incubot shiroi "voltron + shiroi nekobot USB" Japan tsunami relief

Greetings from Tokyo! Sean Bonner, who I'll be meeting in a few days along with the Safecast crew, shares word of a nifty, limited-edition USB gadget to benefit Japan tsunami relief.
The tsunami and earthquake have faded from the headlines, but the need for aid is still real. Incubot, in conjunction with partners World Events Productions and CustomUSB, have created a line of Japan Relief customs 2G USB drives: limited edition, fully licensed, and in colors honoring the japanese flag. Packaged in "Ganbari Japan!" custom boxes. 100% of profits go to Japanese Red Cross Society and to Safecast radiation monitoring efforts.


    1. I just pull a larger one out of a cheapy no name drive that you buy at the checkout in Office Depot and put it in the cool form factor you have. In this case, Voltron. In my case I have the limited edition Dog Tags that you got for prebuying BF2142. When it was new it was only 128MB, now it’s a hefty 8GB. It’s not that hard. Play with a few cheapies to get a feel for taking it apart and putting it back together.

    1. You could always buy one and then make that…I betcha boingboing would even put up your video of it!

  1. Wow, Xeni… way to shake off the jet lag and manage to post something! Impressive. Your powers are most formidable. Now take your damn shoes off, gaijin. 

  2. The link in the post lets you buy them, $20 each or both for $37. They have a 2GB drive because that’s cheap and quick, and the idea isn’t really that this will be your main usage drive rather it’s a limited collectable (only 200 of each made) to help with fund raising. Sure it could have had a bigger drive, but then it would have been much more expensive and less $$$ would go to the causes they are trying to support.

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