NASCAR prayer, autotuned

Here is the convincingly country stylings of Pastor Joe Nelms in an inevitable autotuning of his epic NASCAR prayer blogged by Xeni last week.


  1. There’s a fascinating(ish) history of “boogity” in popular culture.
    cf. Barry Mann, Ray Stevens, Darrell Waltrip, Joe Nelms

  2. Well played! 

    Same crew that made Antione Dodson famous, right? Real talent, those guys.

  3. My husband just said last night, ‘I wonder how long until  pastor Boogity and his smokin hot wife  get autotuned….”

  4. Soapbox:  I would watch NASCAR if they pressed the envelope on emerging energy technologies instead of fossil fuels.

    That aside this is silly and a lot of fun.

    1. This prayer is brought to you by Sunoco racing oil and Goodyear tires that bring performance and power to the track. Amen.

  5. Two of my least favorite things: religion and autotune.  My digust-o-meter went off the scale.

    1. Whereas I was thinking: Two of my most favorite things, hacked machines and silly-fied use of DSP software.

      I also don’t mind the harmless spiritual ritual, particularly when delivered with this pastor’s self-deprecating levity. It’s the nasty ones such as crusade, jihad and human sacrifice that bother me. Belief in ghosts doesn’t phase me as long as they don’t use it as an outlet for evil.

      Auto-Tune and religion are merely human inventions, it’s how they’re leveraged that counts.

  6. Hmm, my last eloquent comment of “…..” was in response to another comment that disappeared. Weird.

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