Age of Fable, a painterly old-school adventure

Illustrated with classic and contemporary artwork, Age of Fable is an absorbing gamebook played in the browser. Want to make your own? Download the source code. [Apolitical via Indiegames]


  1. It’s pretty fun! I’m trying not to play too much while at work (hmmm…) but I’ve currently worked my way up from being penniless and just out of prison to being the captain of a pirate ship with a “haul of booty” (which, according to the save-game url, is 1005 gold coins, I guess).

  2. My experience has been much different. I suppose being a talking cat has something to do with that.

  3. “You pass over the River Phoenix, through the Forest Gump, and past several posters advertising a reward for the capture of a rogue mapmaker.”
    This could be fun.

    1.  It’s fun but I’ve come nowhere near to a happy ending yet. Some areas seem to be determined death traps.

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