Teenager said to be LulzSec's Topiary bailed


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  1. and… how did he get caught?

  2. john cummings says:

    What a look, I hope that is double denim

  3. gjk says:

    Let him go, he’s got important work to do!

  4. earwicker says:

    How many different pairs of sunglasses did he try on in anticipation of this fateful day?

  5. Andrew Wood says:

    He certainly looks geeky enough.

  6. franko says:

    justin bieber is topiary?? O.o

  7. Fitzador says:

    If he’s supposed to be one of the ringleaders of a giant hacking organization, why didn’t he encrypt his disk? It’s always the prosaic things . . .

  8. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    “The hearing today also revealed that Davis’s computer had 750,000
    people’s personal details, including private log-in information.”

    Ummm lemme show you pastebin and the contents LulzSec posted there.
    There are LOTS of people out there with the exact same details right now because corporations screwed their users over, please explain why they are not being charged with negligence.

    “His laptop was examined and it apparently showed that he wrote a fake
    article claiming that Rupert Murdoch was dead, and such an article
    appeared on the Sun’s website recently when its own system was hacked.”

    Oh you pretend no one has ever written about Murdoch dying just to make themselves feel better.
    Was he just proofing the article as it appeared on the servers as an exercise in grammar?
    I wrote something once that started with it was the best of times it was the worst of times, does this mean I am a famous author as those words were seen in a famous literary work?

    “The suspected LulzSec member is accused of coordinating Anonymous and LulzSec attacks”

    Oh so he is an expert in cat herding, that is very damaging to his case. *blink*

    I might have the contents of the ACS:Law server on my computer, doesn’t mean I took them down.
    I might have the contents of the Gawker server on my comptuer, doesn’t mean I took them down.

  9. bcsizemo says:

    ITT: Not using TrueCrypt… 

  10. Michael W. says:

    Those glasses contain top secret plans to rebuild San Francisco. 

  11. JohnBerry says:

    I have an acquaintance who had his laptop confiscated by a govt agency 2 years ago. They are still trying to force him to reveal his passwords. I guess when you are young it is always the other guy who is going to get caught and needs encryption.

  12. Man, Zero Cool looks so much different than he did in the movie.  But he shouldn’t worry about these charges too much. In a few years he’ll get to date Angelina Jolie and hack the Gibson.

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      If you watch Hackers backwards, it’s about a group of whitehats that fix the Gibson and go back to their shitty lives

  13. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    I want him to play a young Keith Moon in The Who docudrama.

  14. Thad_E_Ginathom says:

    Eighteen … only linguistically a teenager

    Eighteen  is adult, in UK, at least, so can people stop referring to him as if he was a child?

  15. jarmstrong says:

    Without regard as to whether he looks smug in the above picture, that young dude is scared.  I am not surprised that the gov went after the youngest “legal adult” they could get their hands on.  He is going to be put through a wringer.  I am glad he is already out on bond and is not being “indefinitely” detained.

  16. Art Carnage says:

    Does his mother know he’s wearing her sunglasses?

  17. Tim Quinn says:

    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

  18. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I could definitely see him rooming with Colton Harris-Moore.

  19. MisterH4x0r says:

    Wearing those shades should be a punishable offense. 1989 called, it wants its cool guy sunglasses back.

  20. Improbus Liber says:

    I hear he has just been signed to do a remake of Risky Business. 

  21. blueelm says:

    Awww he’s cute. 

  22. Daniel Ewing says:

    who paid his bail?  and, will he get to live in a cush country manor while awaiting trial?

  23. willam says:

    Figures he would be from the land of ponies.

  24. I am guessing this young chap started here: script-kiddy-HOWTO, and went on to buy the shades.

  25. Luke says:

    Love the fact that the book he was carrying when he came out of court and that he showed to reporters leapt from 2174th in the Amazon UK bestseller list up to 97th as at the time writing this!  Sorry Richard & Judy but I’ll be signing up for Topiary’s bookclub after he has finished his jail sentence.  

  26. Luke says:

    Also praise for him from Charlie Brooker:

    “If Jake Davis really is Topiary, he’s got a great writing style. Def shits all over how I wrote at 18. Bet he writes a book. OK, e-book.”


  27. Pend-O-Matic says:

    Hack The Planet !

    It makes me wonder.
    Will the hackers fundamentally change this corrupt world? Or do they point out that not only is the corruption not some persecutive-delusion (as some might hope it to be from time to time), but it’s built out of equal parts bumbling overlords and poorly built structure… That we aren’t doing too much to outright Jenga… 

    I came to the understanding that there’s a cycle of violent upheaval, naive optimism, and corruption. that revolutions in the old sense cost lives to end up back where you started, or are only shortly supported (costing fewer actual lives:more imprisonment). these hackers on whole seem to reflect our general consensuses and pointing the finger- we attacked these people because they suck… I agree but is this a means of change?  I don’t know. I dig it, but I don’t know. terrorism didn’t work (WeatherUnderground), just bred more antithesis… which is good on one hand (mass solidarity/awareness) but bad in that it costs lives on the other end of the scale(both sides).  Why do people need to amass power that in the end changes little. are there evil masterminds with a plan, or just idiots gaining wealth on mass for no real purpose by any means necessary? If the market screwed most governments why don’t they agree on a new system instead of working within a broken one. the system generally throws money at people who might rise up why are they spending money on military/controls  and taking it away from the poor who rise up…. seems like the system isn’t playing by its own rules- which never ends well for the system, or the people. Here comes part two of the cycle. Why do they never learn that their end (fascism) never works, it pisses people off, and yet the keep playing that hand?

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